DGI's are like the plague

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With only seven day's till the roll over I just cannot believe the the still remaining and overwhelming number of DGT's out there . It reminds me of the movie night of the living dead. Liked most wise people now prepared or trying to prepare for this life time event I have kept an open mind as I plowed threw tons of info of y2k facts, and can only say that we are all in deep do do. I now have a moderate inventory of all items that keeps oneself alive. Food , water , weapons. Many have gave up trying to move the "herd " and have but late turned to protect only family and loved ones. I trully belive that by spring as one squints one eye threw the cracks of the boarded windows you just might see the night of the living dead, the herd with arms stretched out forward looking for empty cans of tuna. Check out this: sandbarinc.com

-- Dan Kowalsky (cameradan@visto.com), December 24, 1999


I do think a lot of foolish people will die.

-- Paula (chowbabe@pacbell.net), December 24, 1999.

Sad but true.

-- Dan G (thepcguru@hotmail.com), December 24, 1999.

What about the children of foolish people?

-- gary elliott (gelliott@real.on.ca), December 25, 1999.

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