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Good People,

I posted a thread this morning on the other forum advising people to not delay in updating their home or small business pc. My Dell (11 months old) Dimension desktop and hp printers are ok per their website, but I am talking about all the wonderful products from our friend, Bill Gates. I have Windows 98, Professional office 97, Quicken, and a lot of Adobe to support the consulting work I do.

I backed up all my relevant data onto a zip drive (always a good idea), logged on to Mcafee and picked up the latest dat files (another coming on 12/29), and inserted the cd-rom I received from Microstoft. When I noticed it was dated August of 1999, I logged onto the site and downloaded their Year 2000 report analyzer program. I had about 15 pieces of software that were compliant, but had notations to click on a url for additional information or fixes...

The longest piece to download was the office97 system release 2. It took 3.5 hours after midnight. (I suspect other nightowls were on the server.) I faded about 3 and took up the charge again about 3 hours ago. I think I am done, but

Excel has a notation that additional updates are coming..

Net net, this is NOT something to start the afternoon of the 31st.

Please get going

-- Nancy (, December 24, 1999


I also have the CD from Microsoft dated August, but last week recieved another update that says Nov... Hopefully yours is on its way.

-- Stash (, December 24, 1999.

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