On Secrets and Keeping Them

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Inspector 12, in another thread, gave an explaination of the governments classification system. I viewed it as possibly veiled intimidation. That was probably just my old intel background and paranoia acting up. It made me think though, leaks are inevitable. Even with the threat of prosecution for unauthorized disclosure, there will be always be those who decide to talk 'out of school'.

With that said, I haven't seen much clear evidence of people talking out of school on this forum. Actually I haven't seen much clear evidence of anyone in the government sector talking out of school on this matter anywhere.

Now if the government has a clear handle on this scenario and a widely held plan for Martial Law, I would expect that someone, somewhere, would have already broken the silence EVEN if that meant they would be prosecuted. Ditto on 'chemtrails' and other such unusual concepts.

The question I have is simple, where are all the whistle blowers? Perhaps the system doesn't even have a good enough handle on the issue to have any real plan for managing the problems some people expect.

-- (...@.......), December 24, 1999


Here's an example of a whistle-blower:


-- Linkmeister (link@librarian.edu), December 24, 1999.

Thanks Linkmeister, I read it. This is not the kind of 'whistleblower' to which I refer. This one is not 'inside' the system and has nothing (execpt reputation) to loose. What I am after is someone who was willing to place themselves at personal risk to ensure the information they had got out of the system. I personally know of one such person. I have never violated her confidence and I won't because she trusted me when she spoke to me. There must be others, possibly even a couple that simple went public... i.e. didn't talk in confidence to friends.

-- (...@.......), December 24, 1999.

-- Think of this, why would anyone risk their neck trying to inform the public? How many folks are lurking on this forum with first hand knowledge but are afraid to speak out? Who would believe them? Everytime someone comes forward here they are flamed alive or ridiculed. The folks who will prepare, are preparing. Those who won't, wouldnt anyway. It's really too bad. I know very little about computers and I personally apreciate knowledge from both sides of this future event. We've simply prepared as a form of insurance for our own survival in case things do go bad. Anyone who blew the whistle would probably only hurt themselves. There is suck a thing as "being black listed". All industries do it.

-- dozerdoctor (dozerdoc@yahoo.com), December 24, 1999.

Yes sir... very true. Only the altruistic sacrifice themselves for the herd. I maintain there are still the altruistic amoung this herd. Even with the filtering that has been going on for many years.

-- (...@.......), December 26, 1999.

These issues are of such importance that those who are unable to remain silent are probably dead.

-- (fireman@fire.house), December 26, 1999.

Perhaps I should remain silent...

-- (...@.......), December 26, 1999.

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