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By Michael Hyatt

Don't let urgent usurp important

Yes, I know Y2K is right around the corner. There are only a few days left to prepare. But, please, don't sacrifice your most important relationships to the tyranny of making those last few preparations.

Things have been tense at the Hyatt's for the past couple of weeks. We've all been racing around in a hundred different directions trying to finish our Y2K preparations and do last minute Christmas shopping. Everything has seemed so surreal. In the last few days, we've found that we are tense and impatient with one another.

Finally, yesterday afternoon, I said, "Enough is enough." No more preparations -- and no more Christmas shopping -- at least for tonight. Gail and I decided that we were going to just enjoy the evening with the girls and forget all the weightier things we could be worrying about. For the first time in a long time, we would go to bed early and get a good night's sleep.

Here's how we figured it: If we enter the New Year with our preparations intact and our relationships broken, we might just discover that we have very little of real value. The last thing we want to happen is to store a bunch of stuff and have no one to share it with!

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Good Advice, thanks Michael.

-- snooze button (alarmclock_2000@yahoo.com), December 24, 1999

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