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well after learning about chemtrails in the past week I was a bit skeptical. I thought, eh what a buncha nuts. My mind has been changed as well as my attitude about this country. I saw heavy spraying directly over where I work (tx). I snapped some shots ( that aren't that great but good enough. I can not tell you the feelings I felt actually seeing these planes spraying go knows what. Until you experience it yourself, don't flame anyone who has seen it. don't know what relationship it has to y2k, but it is scary nonetheless

-- Todd.D (, December 23, 1999


Todd...where in Texas were these photographed? We're in the North Houston area, and while I have heard of chemtrails being observed in this area,(Montgomery/Walker County), I personally have not seen them. Did you see any residue from the spraying? Were you under it? Did you have any unusual symptoms afterwards? Scarey stuff!

-- Birdlady (Birdlady@Nest.home), December 23, 1999.


Same as you. I was very skeptical about them until I saw them for myself too. I walked outside my front door (Atlanta) and looked up and I had never seen anything like it - trails from horizon to horizon, just hanging there and then spreading out. It reminded me of when the U2 was shot down. I remember saying that there was no way that the Russians had shot down a US spy plane. We just didn't do that. What a wake-up call! These chemtrails are another.

-- Jean (, December 23, 1999.

It was in Taylor Tx..close to Austin by about 30 miles.

-- Todd D. (, December 23, 1999.

Just something to consider...perhaps this is a way the Gov is defending against bio warefare....I'm not a believer in Chemtrails....saw several 'trails' the other day in the shape of an '*' but as high as they were they would drift to Africa before they landed where I am. Putting something in the air to kill us isn't neccesary...we do it with our cars and companies do it as well. Plus, who would do all the shit work if only the rich and PTB were to exist?

-- Satanta (, December 23, 1999.

it's really cold where I am, i see chemtrails everyday over Dupont, I also like Prozac, should I be concerned

-- Bernard (Llama, December 23, 1999.

Well thank you for at least providing some "proof" of these chemtrails at last.

However, these clouds are up in the atmosphere so high that like someone said, they'd be in Africa before they came anywhere near someone's lungs.

I have seen these contrails for YEARS. Not in this # pattern. But hey, maybe they are making new maps and flying patterns as they map the ground out. Maybe it's just a coincidence that flight controllers schedule planes in a # pattern. Maybe it's new rules, but one thing is clear. These are trails left behind from airplanes engines.... or to quote Rodger Gilmour:

"Above the clouds on a wing and a prayer, my gubby halo, a vapour trail in the empty air".

This is nothing under the sun, I'm happy to tell you.

-- (, December 23, 1999.

This is no usual flight pattern for 737's :) this is a town of 15, doesn't have flight traffic. I won't say what I believe, but you can find reports for all 50 states at: with much better pictures than mine and at:

this is not a usual phenomenon..and these planes were *not* that high up so as these trails would"float to Africa"..just gotta be there to see it in action..

-- Todd.D (, December 23, 1999.

I have only seen chemtrails once. It was the night of the meteor shower. I walked outside about 10:30 at night (in Indiana) and looked up. The moon was high in the sky and there was a very low vapor trail just above tree level, spreading out. There was no wind. The trail was very low and discending. I decided to go back into the house for a couple more hours. When I went out later, it was gone, having descended to the ground. Actual chemtrails are laid very low in low wind conditions.

-- *** (***@***.com), December 23, 1999.

or to quote Rodger Gilmour:

I believe that was David Gilmour. The other guy was Roger Waters, who had left the band. . .

-- (, December 23, 1999.

Todd, now you know how it feels to look up at the sky everyday for days on end watching these planes spraying crap into the atmosphere. They sprayed all day today, big planes, double trails, back and forth, anywhere from 4 to 5 planes at a time in the air. This is not a regular fight path either. I started wearing my P100 mask today, I felt stupid with it on but thought I was stupid to go on breathing this stuff. What can we do about this?

-- Bridjet (, December 23, 1999.


Great shots. Thanks for the post too.

Documents, mil, NASA, mainstream press:

More shots, national report database:

Canadian shots and lab analysis found bio-warfare sample?

My comments(H): Please warn anyone with asthma or any autoimmune disease like arthritis or hiv. I warned a friend with brain/lung cancer on chemo (and losing) who had the same physical reaction as me when the chemtrail misted him, but he originally thought it was some renegade crop-dusting C-130 (he identified the plane, just didn't look up enough to realize we are getting them daily now).

It seems the worst for us land dwellers when the trail is thick enough to rain down the sediment, then it gets absorbed through the skin and lungs. Within 5 min I get numbness and tingling down my back muscles, any exposed skin feels needle pricks then numb, breathing prob/ear,throat ache, and even hours later severe muscle spasms. Lips feel like I just got a shot of novacaine from the dentist.

Protect the children and elderly; keep them indoors when they're spraying. Don't let the pets stay out longer than necessary.

If you wake up and it is overcast, then listen for the engines. Many mornings I've woken up to an overcast sky, but the plane engine remained constant rather than the doppler effect of normal flight pattern. Coorellates with symptom manifestation.

Keep you car on inside air.


=================== posts letter to PhD's about chemtrails:

July 7, 1999

Donald Cobb Los Alamos National Laboratory Division Director for Threat Reduction

Gary Salzman, Ph.D. Principle Investigator Los Alamos National Laboratory

Dave Keller, M.D. Director of Infectious Disease New Mexico State Health Department

Re: Los Alamos National Laboratory postponed release of aerosolized Bacillus globigii spores

To All Addressed:

My name is Candace Brown and I want to voice my objection to the planned release of aerosolized Bacillus globigii spores at Los Alamos National Laboratory. The release is intended to study the effectiveness of the bio-warfare detectors. However, if the Bacillus globigii spores are aerosolized and released in the atmosphere it will then become an unauthorized human experimentation upon the citizens of New Mexico. These citizens have not consented to partake in a Department of Energy, Department of Defense, and Los Alamos National Laboratory experiment.

In further protest, I would like to cover a few of the "dark secrets" of medical science under the direction of our United States Government (i.e. NIH, NIAID, USPHS, DoD, DOE, U.S. Army, U.S. Airforce, V.A., NASA, FDA, etc.).

The history, I'm afraid, is not flattering. In fact, the history and the continuation of the present day experimentation on unsuspecting citizens continues.

THE SUPREME COURT RULING--- STERILIZATION OF THE IMBECILE The year was 1927 and the United States Supreme Court wrote:

"We have seen more than once that the public welfare may call upon the best citizens for their lives. It would be strange if it could not call upon those who already sap the strength of the State for these lesser sacrifices often not felt to be such by those concerned, in order to prevent our being swamped with incompetence. It is better for all the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime, or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit for continuing their kind."

This Supreme Court ruling concerned the sterilization of the mentally impaired. Our United States Supreme Court, in their great wisdom, decided not to "sap the strength of the State" and make it better "for all the world" if these imbeciles could not reproduce. This ruling in itself points where medical science was at that time. It was given free reign over one particular segment of our society, just as Hitler's Nazis were given free reign over the Jewish people and more recently, the Serbs ethnic cleansing of the Albanian people.

SIMIAN VIRUS 40 CONTAMINATION IN THE POLIO VACCINE It was 1976 when an article was written titled "Human Exposure to SV40: Review and Comment", Keerti Shah and Neal Nathanson; American Journal of Epidemiology (formerly American Journal of Hygiene), January 1976. This publication reveals the secret that was withheld from the American people concerning the polio vaccine. The producers of the vaccine used monkey kidneys to attenuate the polio virus; to make it "safe" for humans. However, it was discovered in the early 1960's that the polio vaccine was contaminated with the Simian Virus 40 (SV 40). The American people had no idea of the contamination and continued to vaccinate their children because of the continued propaganda of the outbreak of polio. Our government officials knew about the SV40 contamination and failed to alert the citizens. Today, there is another bit of government propaganda stating that if parents do not vaccinate their children against chicken pox, their children will come down with the strep infection known as the "flesh eating disease". Our government works in conjunction with the World Health Organization (WHO) concerning worldwide vaccination programs.

It was as recent as January 19, 1999 that Channel 11 News in Houston, Texas reported on SV40. The report states:

"A monkey virus that scientists have long thought does not infect humans has been detected in human tumors, but whether the virus caused the tumors has not been proven. 'Evidence is mounting that simian virus 40 (SV4O) infects humans and is associated with certain types of human tumors', said Dr. Janet Butel, head of the division of molecular virology at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.

'This association with human disease might lead to new approaches for diagnosing and treating certain types of cancers and other illnesses, but further studies are needed to determine whether SV4O plays a causative role in the tumors', she said.

Butel and Dr. John Lednicky, also a Baylor molecular virologist, present an overview of what is known about SV4O in the January 20 issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

SV40, which originated in the rhesus monkey, was discovered in 1960 as a contaminant of polio vaccines given to millions of people from 1955 through early 1963. Monkey kidney cells that were used to grow the polio vaccine were unknowingly contaminated with SV40.

Although no acute illnesses resulting from SV4O were reported in people who were exposed to the contaminated vaccines, some scientists are now concerned that the virus might pose a cancer risk to humans.

Antibodies to SV 40 have been detected in up to 10 percent of adults born after 1962, So possible exposure to the contaminated polio vaccines would not explain how these people were infected with the monkey virus, Butel said. 'There must be an alternate source of human infection by SV40' she said."

According to the report, SV4O has been isolated or detected in tumors ranging from "brain tumors in children, bone tumors, and tumors associated with exposure to asbestos". The report's last statement is from Dr. Butel. She states:

"It is of no small irony that SV40, once having been found as an unrecognized contaminant of a widely heralded viral vaccine, might itself one day become a candidate for vaccine development."

The 1976 article which I referred to earlier states:

"In recent years, however, three isolations of SV4O have been made from man, two from brains of patients with progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML) (11), and one from a metastatic melanoma (12). Further, a papovavirus T antigen has been detected in cell cultures grown from two meningiomas (13).

In 1971, two new papovaviruses, BKV and JCV, were isolated, respectively, from the urine of a renal transplant recipient (14) and from the brain of a patient with PML (15). Subsequent work has shown that both of these viruses are common childhood infections (15-18) although their mode of transmission is yet to be described, and that JCV is the virus most often associated with PML (19). SV40, BKV, JCV are antigenically related to one another (14, 20, 21), but the cross reaction between their virion antigens is not marked and the viruses are readily distinguished from one another by simple immunologic tests. The non-structural T antigens of these viruses are, however much more closely related (21, 22)."

I will skip other areas of the 1976 article. However, there are still some which must be addressed to this audience. They are:

"SV40, as judged by antibody surveys of wild populations, is a natural infection of a few species of Asiatic macaques: The rhesus (M. mulatta) (26-28), the Japanese macaque (M. fuscata) (29), and the Formosan rock macaque (M. cylopis) (30). The bonnet macaque of India (M. radiata) and the cynomolgus macaque of East Asia (M. fascicularis) seem to be free of SV4O (25, 3 1-34)."

"In capacity, SV4O is readily transmitted to other macaques in contact with infected rhesus, e.g., to cynomolgus and stumptailed macaques (1, 25, 38). Infection may also be transmitted to vervet (African green), grivet and patas monkeys, Old World monkeys belonging to the same family, Cercopithecidae, as the macaques (37, 39, 40)."

"The major source of human exposure to SV4O was the administration of vaccines prepared from viruses grown in simian cultures. With the exception of viral vaccines, no pharmaceutical product intended for human use requires use of simian tissues."

"Since commercial lots of live poliovirus vaccines first licensed in the US in 1963 were required to be free of SV4O (54), a comparatively small number of US citizens received SV4O orally. In some other countries, notably the USSR, mass immunizations with oral vaccines during 1959 and subsequently may have exposed millions of people to orally administered SV4O (55)."

"Over 98 million people, or 62 percent of the population, had received one or more doses of the vaccine during the period when a proportion of the vaccine was contaminated with SV40. In 1961, potentially contaminated vaccine had been administered to almost 90 per cent of individuals under 20 years, 60 per cent of those 20-39 years old and 19 per cent of those 40-59 years old."

"Heinonen et al. (74) have recently reported a higher incidence of malignancies in children born to mothers who received inactivated poliovirus vaccine during pregnancy. In a prospective study of over 50,000 pregnant women between 1959 and 1965 (Collaborative Perinatal Project of the National Institute of Neurological Disease and Blindness), 24 malignancies in their newborns were detected in the first 4 years of life. The rate of malignancy was about two-fold greater in children born to mothers immunized during pregnancy.~~

The article goes on to question the transplacental transmission of SV40. Perhaps Heinonen's study would answer Dr. Butel's question as to how an "alternate source" could still be infecting individuals.

The 1999 Channel 11 news report stated that scientists are just now considering the role of SV4O in cancer patients. However, as you see in the older 1976 report, this was the contention back then. How many studies must there be before the answer is known? Did the pregnant women mentioned in the 1976 report know why their children developed cancer? Were they warned of the possible outcome if given the vaccine while pregnant? The scientists doing the study knew. Were these women ever informed? .

ANTHRAX AND HEPATITIS B VACCINES Presently, the Anthrax vaccine has come under fire as well as the Hepatitis B vaccine as being the cause of chronic illnesses. Dr. Bonnie Dunbar, from Baylor College of Medicine, has publicly denounced the use of Hepatitis B vaccine, yet for a year, it has been hospital policy to vaccinate a newborn child within hours of its birth with or without the parents' consent. The articles which the government have published concerning Hepatitis B state the high risk individuals for Hepatitis B are the intravenous drug users and prostitutes. There is no mention of a new born child. Is there something else we (the American people) have not been informed of concerning the mass inoculation of newborn children with the Hepatitis B vaccine? Are the American people being used as unsuspecting experimental subjects for vaccination campaigns? I believe the facts speak for themselves.

Our rights concerning vaccinations have been systematically taken away and the state and federal governments retain the legal right to vaccinate your child, whether you want to or not, through public health policies. The representatives need to be aware of the public health policies that dictate to the American people concerning vaccinations. I don't believe the parents should be made to vaccinate their children until there is complete and truthful information released concerning vaccinations and then leave the educated decision to the parent; not the government.

Dr. Thomas McPherson Brown and Dr. Harold Clark have been saying for years that the vaccines are contaminated with a wall-less bacteria known as mycoplasmas. The FDA chooses not to listen or even respond.

THE TUSKEGEE SYPHILIS STUDY The next medical history account I would like to mention is the Tuskegee Syphilis Study. It was called that, but the agency behind the study was the United States Public Health Service (USPHS). This study began in 1932 and ended in 1972. There were 399 African- American males who had syphilis and were denied treatment because our government wanted to study the effects of syphilis at these men's expense. These men had families, lovers, and children who were also infected with syphilis, but the records are not clear as to how many had become infected from this study. Could this be considered an "observation in nature"? It is not natural, ethical, or legal for a physician to stand by and watch a patient die from a disease which he/she has the capabilities to cure.

In order to right the wrong done to these exploited people, there was a law suit filed. Only then, did the U.S. government decide to give an official apology to the 11 survivors on May 16, 1997. Why did it take a lawsuit and so much pressure to make our government acknowledge, admit and apologize for its blatant atrocity against mankind? It seems the government has an unspoken rule to deny, deny, deny until caught red-handed. I thought the representatives of the people were to ensure the safety of the U.S. citizen; not to stand by idly and watch the American people develop chronic illnesses and eventual death.

There is a side of the government more sinister which most Americans do not know. The government agencies coerce their employees into silence. Paul A. Lombardo, J.D., Ph.D., stated that Peter Buxtun tried to stop the Tuskegee study in the 1960's only to be coerced by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). The story was exposed by the press. The government officials sat silent and allowed the infection and destruction of lives to continue.

The long-suffering, eleven survivors of this experiment have forgiven the United States Government. I commend them for their compassion. These brave, heroic men should be examples of how to treat other human beings to our government and the world. I don't know if I would be able to forgive; could you?

Mr. Shaw, one of the survivors of the Tuskegee study stated, "We were treated unfairly, to some extent like guinea pigs. We were not paid. We were not dancing boys. We were all hard working men and not boys, and citizens of the United States. He stated he was "saddened to think of those who did not survive and whose families will forever live with the knowledge that their death and suffering was preventable." This quote came from the Houston Chronicle Washington Bureau written by Nancy Mathis.

HUMAN RADIATION EXPERIMENTS FROM 1946-1974 The next experiment involving unsuspecting U.S. citizens is the human radiation experiments that involved the DoD, DOE, Los Alamos National Laboratory, VA, the Navy. NASA, the Army, etc. President Clinton assembled an advisory committee to collect information from all of the governmental departments involved in the human radiation experiments through an Executive Order. There was the atmospheric diffusion of radioactive gases release known as "the Green Run test". The subjects in the test were not informed that they were participating in an experiment. The most touted "consent forms" were not signed or did not reveal all of the information to the victim. The target populations used in this experiment were the poor, mentally impaired, infants, prison inmates, hospital patients who were considered terminally ill and the elderly.

Each one of these segments of society were targeted for a reason. Who cares about the prison inmate? Who cares about the poor? Who cares about the elderly or the terminally ill patient? And the infants can't communicate. The newest segment of our population to experiment on without much publicity is the homeless. Our government knew who to target with the experiments. They knew that the majority of society, who were busy with their own lives, would not lift a finger to assist these victims. How tragic.

THE ROLE PLAYED BY THE DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY (DOE) AND LOS ALOMOS NATIONAL LABORATORY CONCERNING THE HUMAN RADIATION EXPERIMENTS According to one report of the Presidential Advisory Committee the DOE had retrieved 1,000 documents concerning human radiation experiments. Later, the DOE and its contractors identified approximately 2,500 records of human radiation experiments. Universities were involved.

In one particular report dated September 1, 1994 it states:

"Los Alamos was the name of a boys school that was located on the site which, according to lore, was suggested by Robert Oppenheimer as the base of Southwestern research operation for the Manhattan Project. The University of California was selected to operate the site on contract. Los Alamos served as the staging ground for the initial atomic bomb test."

The October 4, 1994 report states:

"Also, in addition to its weapon research work, the 'Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory' (now the Los Alamos National Laboratory) housed biomedical research. Los Alamos, 'was, of course, a mecca for work in the physics and chemistry of plutonium,' writes Stannard, in his 1988 test (Radioactivity and Health: A History). 'During the war years, its biomedical program was centered largely around the health care of the workers there and ways to estimate body content from measurement of excretion (bioassay).' Stannard, at 347. Wright Langham, who headed biomedical research, was sometimes referred to as 'Mr. Plutonium."'

There is mention of a "Project Sunshine" conducted by the DOE and Los Alamos. This concerned the study related to fallout. Los Alamos was also connected to the tests that irradiated the Marshall Islands.

Another Presidential advisory report dated October 1994 states:

"Langham et. Al, 'The Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory's Experience with Plutonium in Man', Health Physics, 1962, Vol. 8, pp.753-760 state: 'Plutonium was, in fact, only one of the radioactive materials of concern to health physicists working for the Army's Manhattan Project. Polonium, used in the bomb's initiator, was administered to five human subjects starting in 1943; uranium, used as the fuel in one type of atomic bomb, was injected in six human subjects in 1946- 47.'

THE ROLE PLAYED BY THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE (DoD) CONCERNING THE HUMAN RADIATION EXPERIMENTS The DoD was also involved and found at least 1,760 human radiation experiments. They also had other contractors involved in the experiments. The retrieval of the documents was difficult concerning the human radiation experiments because some of them had been destroyed which leaves many unanswered questions for the American people.

I don't want to slight our military personnel concerning the human radiation experiments. Thousands of young soldiers were ordered to stand on Amercan soil while the government officials detonated an atomic bomb. It seems our young men in service were expendable to our very own government---the one these brave young men give their lives to preserve.

Viet Nam had young soldiers come home ill and never received any answers until, again, after the fact. Agent Orange was dangerous and the exposed men were ill from its effects and their children have been affected. More recently, The Persian Gulf War has its legacy of Gulf War Illness while our government continues to deny that something is wrong. The Gulf War Vets medical records have strangely enough disappeared and the American people are looking to the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology at Fort Detrick, MD, to verify what two courageous scientists have already determined while trying to help the stepdaughter when she returned home ill from the Gulf War.

I must at this point mention the book titled "And the Waters Turned to Blood" by Rodney Barker. It concerns another honest scientist who discovered Pfiesteria, a dinoflagellate, which causes fish kills in our waters. This scientist found herself at war in trying to bring to public attention that Pfiesteria was also harmful to man.

In Chapter 8, pages 109 and 110, the scientist was approached by someone from the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Disease at Fort Detrick, Maryland. The scientist had been told that the USAMRID had used the toxins from the red tides for "military purposes". When the civilian scientists had requested the USAMRID's information they were told it was "classified". One of the USAMRID people approached the scientist that discovered the Pfiesteria and stated,

"If what you say about short-term memory loss is true, can you imagine its value to biological warfare? We could hit people with that, and they wouldn't remember what happened."

This is yet another example of how information is withheld from the American people and the civilian scientists due to the government's "classification" decisions. Some documents will not be "de-classified" until 50 years from the date of the experiment. This is also a prime example of how the military thinks in terms of biological warfare--anything seems to be fair game.


"Use of human subjects for testing of chemical or biological agents by Department of Defense; accounting to Congressional committees with respect to experiments and studies; notification of local civilian officials."

It goes on to state (b)(1):

"The Secretary of Defense may not conduct any test or experiment involving the use of any chemical or biological agent on civilian populations unless local civilian officials in the area in which the test or experiment is to be conducted are notified in advance of such test or experiment, and such test or experiment may then be conducted only after the expiration of the thirty-day period beginning on the date of such notification."

This paragraph of law does not define "civilian officials"or what information they were given concerning the experiments. What civilian officials were notified during the years of the human radiation experiments? The Tuskegee experiment?

In 1998, the House on October 28 passed a new amendment by a vote of 286-123. The Senate approved it on November 6, 1998 by a vote of 90- 10 and it was signed into law by President Clinton on November 18, 1998 as Public Law 105-85. The new amendment reads:

"The Secretary of Defense may not conduct, directly or indirectly, any test or experiment involving the use of a chemical agent or biological agent on a civilian population, or any other testing of a chemical agent or biological agent on human subjects".

The exceptions to the amendment state: "for medical, therapeutic, pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial, or research activity," for purposes "directly related to protection against toxic chemicals or biological weapons and agents" and for "law enforcement purposes, including any purpose related to riot control".

The exceptions completely dilute the previous statement of the amendment. It seems the amendment was full of good intentions, but failed. We are still where we were before the November 18, 1998 Public Law 105-85. In essence, we have no rights concerning human experimentation with chemicals or biological releases. Your new protocol is the example of how this amendment's exceptions allow you to do what you want in the name of national security.


Today, you ask that the American people trust what Los Alamos Laboratory, the DOE and the DoD have planned. You plan to release an aerosolized bacteria which you state is harmless to man. In 1977 there were congressional hearings concerning the Army's releasing of aerosolized bacteria on unsuspecting U.S. citizens that were to be (according to the Army) harmless to man. In that report, the top scientists stated any form of bacteria, when aerosolized, is a potential hazard. They also stated that the bacillus globigii was harmful to man; after the fact, during congressional hearings. Yet, you plan to aerosolize this particular bacteria which is known to be harmful to man.

A book titled "Clouds of Secrecy--The Army's Germ Warfare Tests Over Populated Areas", by Leonard A. Cole captures the essence of biological testing on unsuspecting citizens. Chapter 5 addresses the particular bacteria you plan to release. It states:

"Bacillus Subtiis has been one of the two bacteria most commonly used during simulated biological warfare attacks. It is referred to in various army reports as Bacillus globigii (BG) or Bacillus subtiis variant niger, but is the same organism. The designation 'niger' (black) describes the particular strain that the army developed.

The army used Bacillus subtilis because the germ shares characteristics with bacteria like Bacillus anthracis, a biological warfare agent that causes anthrax."

This chapter continues:

"The army's 1977 report contends that the Bacillus subtiis used in its tests 'was and is still considered by medical authorities to be harmless (nonpathogenic) to man."

The next paragraph is extremely important:

"Beyond the direct pathogenicity that has been associated with Bacillus subtiis, in the 1950s the organism was shown to have an unusually simple capability of genetic transformation. It readily could incorporate segments of infective viral material (DNA) into its own genetic structures. This led some scientists to suggest that the bacteria could act as reservoirs for pathogenic viruses and [serve as carriers] until some later time when the virus becomes active and causes the disease for no readily apparent reason."

I read about the planned release of bacteria in the Dallas Morning Newspaper dated June 27, 1999. The article stated the Bacillus globigii spores will not harm the healthy "adults". Does this exclude children? It goes on to state that, "in theory", the bacteria "could cause lung or eye infections in people with dramatically weakened defenses against bacterial disease". Would this term "weakened defenses against bacterial disease" include anyone with diabetes (type I or type II)? What about the "rare" form of diabetes called Mature Onset Diabetes of the Young (MODY)? There are three types of MODY. Would this include the persons suffering from AIDS or HIV? How about pneumonia? Would this include a child who has just received a round of vaccinations? What about the recent cases of Hantavirus? What about pregnant women? I was told by a Los Alamos Laboratory official that the bactera would harm only those who have to live in a sterile environment; like a bubble. I remembered reading the 1977 congressional hearings, but it seems the DOE, DoD and Los Alamos National Laboratory do not. Nor do they remember the more recent Presidential Advisory Committee appointed by President Clinton by Executive Order in 1994 concerning their involvement with the human radiation experiments.

The testing will be expanded, according to the protocol, to include the" Dugway Proving Ground in Utah for DoD's Joint Biological Remote Early Warning System research and development effort". The protocol states that "The National Institutes of Health's Centers for Disease Control lists Bacillus globigii (BG) as a 'Class I' organism, meaning it is harmless and non-pathogenic to humans." The government still denies that illnesses which were caused by the release of this same pathogen and other pathogens during the Army's biological testing off the coast of Califorma.

The 1977 congressional hearings have the Army admitting that there were no follow-ups concerning any outbreak of illnesses during the testing.

According to the protocol, the scientists will be wearing "full-face respirators", "gloves and lab coats when working with the Bacterium". The approval of this experiment came from the Los Alamos' Institutional Biosafety Committee and the other committee is from the DOE. What this means is there will not be a follow-up concerning any outbreaks which may occur.

There is mention of Bacillus thuringensis (BT) which is stated to be "...sprayed regularly by the U.S. Forest Service to control spruce bud worms". Each release will last 10 minutes, spayed 6 times in one week at night. The U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground will supply the BG and the U.S. Forest Service will supply the BT with mention of a commercial source. When the Class I bacteria is received, the protocol states it will be stored in a "Biosafety Level 2" area. The protocol states the experiment will last through the "remainder of the calendar year".

The newspaper article stated the release of the bacteria is to test bio-warfare detectors. In reality, it is a human experimentation since there is a release of bacteria on an unsuspecting population once again. How can this continue without all of the United States Representatives (both federal and state) becoming outraged? How can this continue to occur without the American citizens becoming outraged?. The answer to the second question is simple. It is because the common American has not been apprised of the history of medical experiments prompted by the U.S. government. This history is not taught in the public schools, nor is it taught in the medical schools; and it should be.

BIOLOGICAL EXPERIMENTS AT THE TEXAS PRISONS My son became ill when he was 10 1/2 years old. The doctors, who have not been taught about human experimentation, stated it was a virus and to let it run its course. My son was having difficulty walking and before long was wheelchair bound. Yet, I was supposed to let the virus run its course. They were waiting for him to develop "the perfect square of cause and effect" for Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA).

I began to study and found that the "cause" of most illnesses was the last thing on the medical community's mind. Treatment for the symptoms is the school of thought today and, of course, that brings in billions of dollars for pharmaceutical companies, the medical community and the health insurance companies, but little hope of a cure for the patient. It also allows medical universities and government entities to continue to "study" the effects of what they have created.

In my research I discovered that our Texas prison inmates were injected with a mixture of pathogens (Minutes of the Texas Board of Corrections, 350th Meeting, September 13, 1976 and Agenda for Regular Meeting of the Texas Board of Corrections, 354th Meeting, May 16, 1977). Prior to these two documents there were 6 additional experiments involving the use of mycoplasma. The research funds for these experiments came from NIH, NIAID, and the USPHS.

This mixture involved a bacteria which once had been thought not to be harmful to man. The early literature on this particular pathogen had it once labeled as a virus-like agent. Mycoplasmas were considered a contaminant, as was SV40. However, it was this bacteria which was involved in my son's illness and with the proper tetracycline derivative treatment, he no longer required the wheelchair and no longer suffered from the extreme pain in his joints. If his illness was a true viral infection, as he was diagnosed, the antibiotics would not have helped him at all. The tetracycline derivatives target wall-less bacteria, and mycoplasmas lack a cell-wall. The same tetracycline derivative my son was prescribed is also curing scleroderma. I don't believe this antibiotic is a wonder drug, it's merely targeting the mycoplasma.

I was contacted by a mother from California where the physicians were waiting for her child to develop JRA. I recognized the frantic pitch in her voice as she explained the symptoms her child was experiencing and how the physicians pointed to her child as the problem. Later, the child was tested for mycoplasmal infection. The child tested positive and the appropriate antibiotic was prescribed and the child is able to enjoy playing once again. We are not related to this family and have never met them, so genetics was not involved in the similar illness of these two children. But the American people have been told that genetics play a major role in arthritic conditions.

Normal lab tests will not show the mycoplasmal infections and the physicians were busy centering their attention on my son's mental health. The sanity of the child in California was also questioned. What I hypothesized (a co-infection of virus and mycoplasma) in 1997 through my research, the scientists/physicians/researchers working with federal grant monies injecting mixtures of pathogens in the Texas inmates knew 21 years earlier. In the researcher's own words he states:

"Certain viral and mycoplasmal infections may be more important than others in causing pulmonary dysfunction acutely and possibly permanently".

I gave birth to my son and know him better than any physician. I knew he was not lying about being ill. He suffered from chest pain, rashes that would come and go, fevers that would come and go, incontinence, confusion, joint pain, etc. He would pass out, turning blue around the lips, nose and eyes; while the physicians were implying he was faking. His knees were swelling and contracting 2 to 3 centimeters within seconds causing the pain. But, it wasn't until I began to measure with a centimeter tape when this was discovered. The sedimentation rates were normal except for one.

The physicians did not believe my son until I found the biological experiments. I don't want to see anyone else going through what we went through, yet, I see it every day. I presented the document I discovered to one of my son's physicians and he stated it would be wise for him not to have a copy. I would suppose he chose not to rock the boat concerning his career, but in doing so, has become another example of physicians choosing "career" over the patient. I never took my son to see him again. The research I have done has been costly and the time involved can never be replaced. And what you learn will change your heart forever.

WHY AREN'T RARE ILLNESSES REPORTABLE? There is a reason why rare illnesses are not reportable and why prison inmates' (both federal and state) illnesses are not included with the communities illnesses. It is because of the unauthorized human experimentation that has gone on in this country for years along with the continued cover-up and denials. If rare diseases were reportable, the American people would begin to see the clusterings in certain communities and begin to ask questions. It has been the victim's tax money which makes it possible to continue the experiments. Yet, you ask this nation of people today, to accept what you are saying as truth. From what I have learned, I know there is not one bacteria or virus that is completely understood, especially when you aerosolize it. You literally change its form when you aerosolize it.

THE ANTI-SELF IMMUNE RESPONSE There is not a physician alive that can explain why and how someone's immune system turns against itself. Since the Bacillus globigii spores are capable of "genetic transformation" and could serve as "carriers" for pathogenic viruses, and someone comes along with a slightly weakened immune system from a viral infection, it could be possible for that person to become chronically ill some time later. That person would never know that he/she had been part of a government sponsored biological experiment using a pathogenic bacteria. And if that person would happen to recall the biological release which you plan, he/she would never be able to prove the connection between the Bacillus globigii exposure and the chronic illness.

CIVIL AND CRIMINAL LAWS MUST BE CHANGED I love my country and the principles it was founded upon. But, somewhere our government has lost sight of what it was meant to do. So have our representatives. The representatives are afraid to stand for the truth and defend the citizen, whom they are elected to represent. The majority of scientists/physicians/researchers have sold out for notoriety and fortune and the oath of "never harm" is not considered. The government or state scientists who stand for truth pay a price for doing so. Their careers and reputation will be attacked. If this objection does nothing else, I hope that it makes a scientist re-think his or her role in human experimentation and assist in trying to change the laws.

There is no one to protect the average citizen except another average citizen and that's what I'm trying to do. Until the laws are changed, holding any scientist/physician/researchers "criminally" accountable for putting anyone in harm's way (even if employed by the U.S. government), none of us will be safe. The laws must be changed to make it easier for an average citizen to file suit against the states which allows the experimentation to continue and the federal government for funding such projects.

SAFEGUARDS IN PLACE FOR HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION The Nuremberg Code was in place during the biological testing of the Texas inmates. The Institutional Review Boards would review the protocols and give their approval. Universities were involved and hospitals. I found the reach of the government to be far and wide concerning human experimentation. There have been psychological experiments, radiation experiments, chemical experiments and biological experiments which involve the poor, the terminally ill, federal and state prison inmates, infants who can't communicate well enough to complain, the mentally impaired, the elderly, the homeless and our young daughters and sons in the military. There are no "safeguards" in place to protect the United States citizens. This must be changed.

INFORMED CONSENT. "THE PERFECT SQUARE OF CAUSE AND EFFECT" AND KOCH'S POSTULATES There is no such thing as "informed consent" unless that individual is as educated as the scientist/physician/researcher who is conducting the study a.k.a. research a.k.a. clinical trial a.k.a. experiment. There is no such thing as a "perfect square of cause and effect" when pathogens have been mixed and modified and released in communities. Recently, a publication on ProMED stated the same thing concerning the "perfect square of cause and effect" in chronic illnesses. Koch's' postulates could not begin to apply to pathogens which have been modified or genetically engineered. A scientist could not reproduce an illness, as Koch's postulates require, unless they had been educated about human experimentation and the manipulation of what was once a normal germ.

CLOSING STATEMENT I'm not a physician or a scientist. I am just a mother who has had to research out of necessity for my son because there seemed to be no answer to his illness from the medical community. Because of this continued research, I have made discoveries which I wish I never knew. But, I do know and I don't want anyone else being put in the same position.

I object and strongly protest the releasing of the Bacillus globigii spores in aerosolized form. I don't trust what you say to be the truth because of the historical account of cover-up and denial which continues today. I pray you do not release this bacteria or any other form of bacteria or virus on United States citizens. Nothing short of the truth should be tolerated.

Thank you for your time and consideration to this matter.


Candace Brown

Huntsville, TX 77342-6894

cc: President William J. Clinton Vice President Al Gore Senator Phil Graham Governor George Bush Congressman Bob Filner Congressman James M. Talent Representative Edward Markey Representative Dan Ellis Senator Jane Nelson Senator Mike Moncrief Senator Ken Armbrister Senator Robert Duncan Representative Patricia Gray Representative Juan Hinojosa Dr. Garth Nicolson Dr. Nancy Nicolson Dr. Harold Clark Dr. Joel B. Baseman Dr. Louis Pottkotter Dr. Aristo Vodjani Dr. Larry Goss Dr. Arthur L. Caplan Dr. Len Horowitz Mr. Donald Scott Mr. Ernie Garcia Mr. Perry Chapdelaine Mrs. Mary Jane Fritz Mrs. Joyce Riley-VonKliest Various Media Groups

Gulf War Vets Home Page.

-- Hokie (, December 24, 1999.

Inexorably, my vital fluids are being sapped. I f e el s tr a n g e, s o w e a k,.......aaaaarrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggg!!

-- (panting@my.patio), December 24, 1999.

Thanks for the thread and the photos, Todd. Hokie, thanks for that amazing post. A person has to see and hear the chemtrails being sprayed to believe it. We had read quite a bit about it and sympathized with posters, but didn't really cognize it until we saw it. And saw it again and again.

Thanks to Dancr too for putting together such a good web site.

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, December 24, 1999.

Thank you very much for such a good post. I am printing it for future use!!!


1. JUST GIVE ME ONE GOOD EXPLANATION AS TO WHY in a populated area such as DC--given the same weather conditions day after day (which I have been careful to note) WHY DO I SEE CHEMTRAILS/CONTRAILS ONE DAY AND NOT THE NEXT?????

2. Why (when commercial traffic must be somewhat consistent from day to day) do I see series of straight lines one day and then criss crosses and even X's other days??????

I patiently wait for your educated answers.

-- tt (, December 24, 1999.

Hokie Once again, thank you for your contribution of information on the contrails and the governments experimentation on the unsuspecting population. I will also print this out to share with friends. You are deeply appreciated.

-- Mat (, December 24, 1999.

Hey Hokie: good summary. But you forgot to list the CIA's use of LSD on unwitting subjects.

-- a (a@a.a), December 24, 1999.

Todd, I thought it was a bunch of baloney, too, until I saw them (Dallas area) one day and it was so striking, I actually stopped, face straight up to the sky, and gasped. Got some strange looks from people walking by. I realized I have seen these for years, just didn't question them. But when you REALLY look at them, and when you see them being made, you realize it ISN'T normal.

Still, here is my viewpoint now. I can't find out what this is. Maybe I never will. I just notice them and hope others do, too, but they don't. I have given up on trying to figure out what they are.

-- preparing (, December 24, 1999.

DAMN IT. Everybody near Portland, look up into the sky.

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, December 24, 1999.

Suburbs of Dayton, Ohio.

Chemtrails all over the sky one day. Next day, nothing, nada, not even one, just a totally clear blue sky.

Weather exactly the same both days. Same atmospheric conditions. Presumably the same number of commercial jets crossing overhead.

Something's going on, folks. Don't know what it is. But it's creepy as hell. Like walking into a horror movie.

-- oh well merry (christmas@any.way), December 24, 1999.

Sending to printer now, excellent post...scary as hell!!!!

-- thinkingofcareerchange_activistRus (, December 24, 1999.

The trails are too low for normal contrails. Sometimes BELOW storm cloud level. They cross at the same altitude, a definate no-no for air traffic control. They do not dissipate rapidly, they linger for hours, and are usually blown away before they dissipate. They frequently appear around 7-9 am. Have never seen any residue. Something is strange, don't know what. N of Dallas.

-- MegaMe (, December 24, 1999.

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