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Couldn't process credit cards. They tried reboot twice, gave up and it became cash customers to the head of the line. Even gave me a 40$ discount for a small purchase (keep out signs) They use "Smart" software and said it had been giving them trouble before. Anybody know about "Smart"? Isn'that from the '80s?

-- Jim (, December 23, 1999



Stopped at my favorite farm supply tonight for supplies. They are also Ace hardware. Big sign at register: "CASH + CHECKS ONLY"

I asked why.... they said system was down.

-- art (, December 23, 1999.

Sorry, meant so write 40%, not 40$.

-- Jim (, December 23, 1999.

Somewhat off the main subject but worth noting: I was able to buy Diamond brand "strike anywhere" matches from an Ace Hardware store the other week (box of 250 for $1.19). These should definitely be included in your Y2K preps.

8 days.


-- Jack (jsprat@eld.~net), December 23, 1999.

Local Costco and grocery store chain have lots of Diamond strike Anywhere matches. You can't have too many of those! Store boxes of matches in various rooms of your home, so that if there's any water leakage or spilling for any reason you will not have lost them all.

-- (, December 23, 1999.

I can confirm this. We have a friend who manages an Ace Hardware in a small community. He told us corporate headquarters can't keep thier system up. If he can't get something from Kansas City......he can't get it.

-- Will continue (, December 23, 1999.

This post is HUGE and yet is doesn't draw much interest. Ace Hardware is an extremely large chain and twice more it was confirmed by other contributors that they couldn't take credit card. That's almost like saying Home Depot can't take credit card. If that lasts very long this would be a VERY DRAMATIC DOMESTIC Y2K impact.

Isn't anybody else catching this? How many times has anybody run across a major chain unable to take credit card?

-- Guy Daley (, December 24, 1999.

I think the name Ace H/W is quite ironic...

Should be Non-Ace S/W... :o)

yes, they've aced their remediation...

they still have a few aces up their sleeve!

they need a new p-ACEmaker fitted...


-- Andy (, December 24, 1999.

They define the phrase "ACE in the HOLE!"...


-- Andy (, December 24, 1999.

Our Ace guy caught on to Y2k real quick, as a selling opportunity. He was glad to help publicize, but snickered just a little at the picture I painted for him. Haven't talked with him recently; wonder how the snicker is holding up ...

-- bw (home@puget.sound), December 24, 1999.

My wife works retail. During the holiday season every year it is quite likely that they cannot connect to the credit card service due to the heavy traffic. Alot of businesses will simply try to take cash or check purchases as it is quicker this time of year.

-- Steve (, December 24, 1999.

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