unrated VS Rated DVD's?

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I wanted to purchase a Dvd from Amazon.com but had a little difficulty in what was mean't by Unrated vs Rated. Which one has more to it. Does anyone have any expertise in this area?

Thank you Neb@prodigy.net

-- (NEB@PRODIGY.NET), December 23, 1999


Unrated features more footage then a rated version. However in one case i know (thr e-animator) the R version was longer then the unrated (less gore more dialogue). If yuou can always get an unrated or an R go with the unrated. However to take it one step further, if you can get an UNCUT or an UNRATED, go with UNCUT UNRATED will show more then an a rated, but an UNCUT (if one exist for that film) will 99% always show more then an unrated. hope this helps--Doug

-- Doug F (mazinz@aol.com), December 23, 1999.

WRONG! An unrated disc simply means the disc was never submitted for a rating. It does not mean that it has more footage. 90 percent of the time an unrated disc just was never submitted to the MPAA. Artisan distributes movies for Hallmark Entertainment. These movies were shown on TV and Artisan never submits these for ratings. Hence Joan of Ark is unrated, for example. If you are asking about American Pie, the unrated means the disc never got a rating. If they did it would probably get an NC-17. To save face and keep the money coming in many studios would take Unrated over NC-17. It depends on the movie itself. It is impossible to say which version has more to it. You have to rent both and find out. I have two DVDs that are unrated and they are very tame(i.e. very little violence and very little blood and no nudity). The Big Squeeze and Infinity are the two that I have that are unrated. They are the same as the rated versions. It was just that these DVD versions were never submitted for a rating.

-- The Lone Ranger (rutger_s@hotmail.com), December 23, 1999.

ACTUALLY, im not really wrong as this person was asking about a particular film that is availablee in an R and unrated form, MEANING their is a difference between the two. Therefore, if this was the case you go with the unrated if you want more(it can be mere seconds) or it could even be harsher dialogue, but what ever the case their is a difference somewhere. In that sense i was not wrong, otherwise their would be no need for two versions to exist. Of the two dvd's you mentioned you had, saying the two (unrated, R) were both the same. Have you ever actually played them side by side? Im not saying your wrong, but again MERE seconds could have been added giving an unrating. Lets take (even though its not really good) SCREAM for example. The r rated went to theatres and dvd as well as home video. The laserdisc version is UNRATED for an extra 20seconds of gore. even something as trivial as when the film HARDWARE was cut (by only 12 seconds) gave it an r from an X. If you didnt play them side by side it could go virtually unnoticed. So yes i take into account as to what your saying, but also realize that what im saying isnt wrong either.--thanks--Doug

-- Doug (mazinz@aol.com), December 24, 1999.

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