1. First Union branch out of large bills. 2. Local hardware store selling lots of Coleman Lanterns

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I spoke to my Father today. He is GI. He was at the First Union bank in Paoli, PA (suberb of Philly) ealier this week. He heard the teller tell the lady in front of him that they were out of large bills. I am assuming this is $50 and $100. My father got $20's and had no problem.

I went to our local hardware store today to get some stocking stuffers and pick up a Coleman Lantern (powered by 2 6 volt lantern batteries). The woman who checked me out was an older lady. I was quite surprised when she said that even if Y2K is nothing, these things (refering to the lantern) are good to have. I asked her if she was selling a lot of them recently. Her response was "Oh, yeah!". I looked around and the lady two places behind me in line was buying one. FWIW.

-- get (ready@to.bugout), December 23, 1999

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