Why it's so hard to believe govt and company information

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Was watching the local news here in South Florida (Miami/Ft Lauderdale) last night, and of course the lead story was on possible terrorist problems. They mention airports, and go to a spokesman for Miami International. This bozo says (and how he kept a straight face is beyond me) that "We feel that Miami International has some of the best security of any major airport in the country. We comply with or exceed all FAA regulations. No need to worry."


This is the same Miami airport that recently had the FBI conduct operation "Ramp Rat", catching a couple dozen airport and airline employees smuggling drugs and weapons on commercial flights. The same airport that has had people just wander into supposedly secure areas without being challenged. The same airport that has the most widespread corruption of any airport in the country.

The PTB feel that they can get on the tube and tell such a stunning, bald faced lie, and have no one question it. And no one does question it, at least in the media. Then they wonder why we have become so cynical about govt and business. Duh.

-- Bob (bob@bob.bob), December 23, 1999

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