I need info /critique for "A Dream Within A Dream"

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I want to write an essay about "A Dream Within a Dream" and I would be happy if I could any kind of info on the poem. What does it mean? Why was it written? etc. Thank you very much for responding!

-- Anonymous, December 23, 1999


First off, I have to make an assumption here. A dream within a dream has three different versions. Luckily, only one is used primarily today. The other two were added as stanzas to Poe's poem Tamerlane.

Poe reflected often on the dream state quite often in his stories. This poem is a reflection of the period between sleep and waking. Also as a double meaning, it reflects on Poe himself wondering if all the tragidies of his life could actually happen to one single man.

-- Anonymous, December 31, 1999

You (a female, most likely) and I are parting. You were right to say that I am an idealist, a romantic, a dreamer. I admit that my former happiness was based on an illusion, a world-view that I had created in my mind. But is this hopelessness I feel, this despair which consumes me any less real, just because I never really had a snowball's chance in Hell? Everyone clings to one foolish notion or another.

I am bereft. I think back over my life, and the golden moments that I endeavor to recall slip from my grasp, for my memories grow dim. They fade and disappear! God, why cannot I remember the happiness of bygone days? Why cannot I warm myself in the glow of treasured memory? Must Time wrest from me all that I hold dear: my love, my memories of love? Shall I, all that I am and all that I have experienced in this too-brief life, shall we all vanish one day, leaving no trace? Shall I, and all of us, like these faded memories, pass away, to be so soon forgotten?

-- Anonymous, January 28, 2000

My friend and I had an entire conversation about this in my english class...the pitiful teacher had never even heard the poem. Personally, I believe it is about remembering all the good and wonderful things in life and mourning the loss of them, not having them any more. It's about knowing that love and happiness are out there and thinking you might one time or another have them, but seeing them slip right by you. It's sad and it is such a beautiful representation of poe's life....it's gotta be one of my favorites.

-- Anonymous, February 13, 2000

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