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i tried to post a monthly report in pdf format to the library. after typing in the path for the file on our lan server, and pressing 'upload", here's the message i got:

Error saving the file: [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access 97 Driver] Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement.

please let me know how to post files from our lan onto the up norden site. thanks.


-- Anonymous, December 22, 1999



That sounds like I have a bug in the routine used to clean up file names. What was the file name of the file you were trying to upload?

I am on vacation right now so I have only a limited ability to work on this stuff until next week. If you can, try renaming the file to something simple (no spaces or special characters in the name) and try uploading again. I will try to fix things when I get back to California next week.

-- Anonymous, December 23, 1999

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