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I'm planning on TRYING to keep our two vehicles' fuel tanks full for the big day. They could supply backup fuel for the generator I plan to run intermittently. I'd like comments on my plan for a gas siphon:

I bought 6 feet of fuel line hose and a 3/8" hose TEE. I'll drop one end of the hose into the vehicle tank and connect the other to the tee. I'll hook an oil suction thing (used to drain oil out of car axles) to another leg of the tee and hold the third leg closed. Starting with the tee/suction thing held down low, pull out the suction gun plunger until I see gas in its (thankfully clear) tube. Stop pulling back the plunger and open the third tee leg over the gas can.

Comments, please.

-- Gary S. (, December 22, 1999


Gary: Make sure you can get a hose into the tank,there may be an anti-siphon baffel somewhere in the neck of the filler.The siphon setup should work ok,sounds better than a mouthfull of gas.

-- Mike (, December 22, 1999.

Gary S; Here's an idea,instead... If your tank is really full, just place the clear tube into the neck and into tank, then cover the filler neck,( where the gas cap attaches) and blow into tube. The air pressue will expand a small amount, but it will force the fuel out of the tank. Alot easier and better than Crestgas mouthwash !!! Doesn't that stuff still have Titamuim Dioxide init ?? That's washing your mouth with cancer agents, right???

-- Furie (, December 22, 1999.


Take that same 1/2 inch clear hose, about 8 ft long, and put a "full away" valve on the delivery end. Open the valve and stuff all of the hose into the tank, close the valve, and draw out enough to reach your container...... open the valve, and you will have a siphon.. and no funny tastes in your mouth :-)

-- CT (ct@no.yr), December 23, 1999.

Take a 9" minimum length screwdriver, and CAREFULLY (no sparks metal-on-metal or BOOM) put it down the gas intake, you will feel the anti-siphon flap. Push it down a bit to open the flap, then while holding the flap open, feed your siphon hose down the tank.

Other posts above describe nicely how to keep the gas outta the mouth.

-- Bill (, December 25, 1999.

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