Easy way to measure 8 drops of bleach

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I have a syringe type medicine dispenser (new syringe w/o needle would work) that I marked off at 8 drop intervals with a permanent marker.

I can add the right amount of bleach to a dozen gallon bottles in less than a minute this way!

-- Sandwich (anon@anon.anon), December 22, 1999


If you're using a syringe, make sure the needle is removed. It slows down the flow and is dangerous.

-- Sandwich (anon@anon.anon), December 22, 1999.

Good idea Sandwich. The USP standard is 20 drops per ML/CC in case you need more than 8.

-- Carlos (riffraff1@cybertime.net), December 22, 1999.

You can also use a Medicine Dropper found in the Baby Section of most grocery and retail stores. It goes up to 1 tsp .... 5 ml. The dropper directions are confusing though ... wish they could have made it easier! Big drops or little drops!??

-- Lee Barber (LeeeeeeB@webtv.net), December 23, 1999.

Check your dropper with a measuring spoon. Some droppers are 12 drops/tsp, and others are 20 drops/tsp.

-- Ann M. (hismckids@aol.com), December 27, 1999.

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