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" Red alert for millennium, by Charles Reiss" "Britain was today placed on red alert for the millennium with a series of far-reaching and drastic security measures" " The measures include:

:: All police leave cancelled nationwide.

:: Troops in London and elsewhere on standby, with some ready to move at 10 minutes' notice.

:: Extra hospital, fire and ambulance staff on duty.

:: Key Government ministers to meet at 7pm on Millennium Eve and again at 9am.

:: Some mobile phone networks face emergency cutoffs for all except key services as people swamp them with calls to family and friends.

:: Thirty-two emergency boats to patrol the Thames.

:: Central London barred to most cars and lorries. "


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-- Prep Scout (, December 21, 1999


Could not find link but found link to "EPA Vulnerable to Hacker Attack - Bliley Dec 21, 99-8:39pm CST A full two years after Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) admitted its information security plans were "deficient or non-existent," The..." end of quote. Could be covering ass. Was not able to see rest of quote without registering. Well?

-- BrB (, December 21, 1999.


-- Prep Scout (, December 21, 1999.

What always gets me about these stories is how the mainstream media could NOT be reporting them! I mean, this is definitely a bigger story than "Man Finds His Long Lost Dog", yet we see stories like that all the time!

Grrrrrrrrr..........I HATE THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA!!!!!!

-- preparingq (, December 21, 1999.

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