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Here we go. You've fired your last round of ammo and you suddenly realize that all you have left to defend yourself and your family are your personal preps and your creativity. I'll start. First thing is to feed the wife and four kids all the beans to discourage entry. Rice goes in the hair to make like a really bad hair day. Then the marshmallow fluff goes on the corner of the mouth to make us look rabid. Look outside and realize it's King of Spain and know you're going to have to mud wrestle. Heres the panic TPTB were trying to avoid. O.K. I've got it started now jump in and carry on.

-- Carpenter (Staying@home.com), December 21, 1999


tomatoes sauce dripping out the ears -- tell them the household contracted encephalitis from your contaminated well and /or food supply...

-- Hokie (nn@va.com), December 21, 1999.

I kinda like the hot pink quarantine signs posted outside, myself. Its just that I have to figure out what fatal disease should I put on the sign? Lets see....Black Death? Bubonic or Pnuemonic Plague? Hanta Virus, Anthrax, Ebola or Lassa fever? Dengue fever? Maybe these are too sophisticated and it needs to be something they are more familiar with, such as typhoid or cholera? Help me out here. How about polio? Small pox? I know....diptheria!


-- Taz (Tassi123@aol.com), December 21, 1999.

I vote for the Hanta virus....everyone knows what a virus is, but very few people will know what the Hanta virus is, still it SOUNDS really really ominous!

And IS real, of course! God help you if you get it.

-- preparing (preparing@home.com), December 21, 1999.

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