Y2K Chat tonight at Soybean.Com

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This is the second to the last chat session we'll have before Y2K.
We'll discuss the latest revelations on embedded chip problems, the many programmer reports that continue to insist that "management doesn't get it -- and won't until after the thirty-first" ... and all those mysterious reports of orange signs on semi-trucks that read: "Martial Law - Keep Out." Join us these last two chats as we await the final answers to the burning question, "Just how serious is Y2K?"


Connect via the web at the above url or connect with mIRC through the DalNet IRC Network. Room is #lumen_foods Chat starts about 8:30pm Central Time.

-- Ryker (ryker@soybean.chat), December 21, 1999


Interface Sucks

-- (...@.......), December 21, 1999.

Then take the soother out of your mouth if the interfacing sucks!

-- bottlefed (nursery@feeding.time), December 21, 1999.

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