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I uncovered some expired(1970)8x10 kodak royal pan film in a freezer at school. What should i rate it at it asa is 400 i thought 200 or even 100 would be a good start, what do you think. also what are the characteristics of this film(any old timers out there).

-- daniel mcclenaghan (, December 21, 1999


Film deteriorates even when frozen and I think it unlikely that it has been frozen solid for the last 30 years! Didn't they ever replace the freezer or at least defrost it? I would think that it has probably deteriorated to the point where it simply cannot be used but the only answer is to try it and see. I suggest that you try it at 100 ISO and develop as for HP5 or similar. I started using LF in 1962 and have used this film but my recollection of it is that it was grainy (although should be O.K. in 10x8) and contrasty and that we overexposed and undeveloped it. I would guess though that if it is still usable it will have lost contrast (probably fogged) and so I would try normal development for now. Hope this helps!

-- Garry Edwards (, December 22, 1999.

Just to let you know, if the film has been frozen for atleast half the time you say, or perhaps less. It should be passable, though expect to see deteriation near the edges (I'm not too sure about sheet film, but my experience with outdated film this severe was only with my first B+W 35mm film, from approx '74-'76 and the results were not too good, but this was because it was stored near a heater, or in or near presence of rot.

-- David Kirk (, December 23, 1999.

I shot some 20 year old Tri-X once (4x5) and was amazed at how good it looked. It had been refrigerated. Try it and see!

-- Kevin Bourque (, December 24, 1999.

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