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Dec 21, 1999 4:45 AM PT

Many companies are playing Y2K roulette

More than 1 million small and medium-sized businesses have elected to play a game of Y2K roulette, choosing to troubleshoot the bug after Jan. 1, and only when things break, according to several industry studies. Most assume their businesses are immune, or any Y2K-related trouble will be fairly cosmetic  and they may be right, some experts say. But others warn that some owners underestimate how much their businesses rely on computers, particularly embedded chips, the peskiest of Y2K issues. Full story to follow. -- Bob Sullivan, MSNBC



For the "Duh-Better-Late-Than-Never Award"


-- snooze button (, December 21, 1999


One of our local city water suppliers is doing that. They told the county that they're not going to bother checking for y2k problems, and if they fail (because of y2k), they'll just hook up to the county, which has spent millions of dollars and man hours (fig) to make sure everything will be running.

As Homer Simpson once said, "Let someone ELSE do it!!"

-- Michelle (, December 21, 1999.

If each of these small business's employ only 25 people and only 10% of these y2k illiterate companies goes belly-up we just added 7.5 million un-employed to the files. 35% yields 26.25 million. We just quadrupled our current rate.

-- Polly-Morphic Doomer (, December 21, 1999.

Michelle -

Kinda reminds you of the DWGI who says "if" anything happens I'll come to your house because I know you prepared. If gov entities are doing it, no wonder some sheeple are doing it!

-- Valkyrie (anon@please. xnet), December 21, 1999.

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