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I recall attending a y2k meeting in Cedar Rapids with the mayor and others and everybody laughing when the individual from Alliant Energy made fun of the people being in "BUNKERS" on new years eve. I wondering if they are still laughing now that the governor is going to be visiting one in Iowa.

By JEFF ZELENY Register Staff Writer 12/21/1999

Gov. Tom Vilsack says the state is well prepared for whatever may - or may not - happen on New Year's Eve.

"Most of the bugs and kinks have been worked out," Vilsack told reporters Monday at a Statehouse news conference. "We're looking forward to a peaceful and quiet New Year's Eve."

The governor said he planned to stop by the emergency management center on New Year's Eve, where 100 state workers will spend the day monitoring events around the globe. When the clock strikes midnight in Iowa, Vilsack said, he doesn't expect any major issues with the so-called millennium bug.

The state has been planning for Y2K for more than three years. At least $30 million will have been spent protecting against potential Year 2000 computer problems.

Vilsack said the computer systems are tested and ready for the internal date to roll over from 1999 to 2000.

There is some concern that some computers will mistake the date change for 1900, causing a wide array of potential problems.

State workers and business officials will position themselves in a high-tech bunker at Camp Dodge in Johnston to monitor events around the state. "We don't foresee any major problem," Vilsack said.

-- y2k dave (, December 21, 1999

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