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Eloise Rivers? not taking money out of bank!!!

Here we go ag'in, Spin, Spinin' Spin.

USA Today Dec 20, 1999 Y2K Fears might drive gasoline shortage Rush to top off tanks before '99 ends could drain many pumps dry by Del Jones

Millions of drivers will top off their gasoline tanks in a last-minute year 2000 rush that might make lines at ATM machines and supermarket checkouts seem tame by comparison. Eloise Rivers of Toledo Ohio says "When my tank gets below half, I'll fill up." "I'm not getting out of the (stock) market," "I'm not pulling my money out of the Bank"...............

I read this article and sort of passed this second paragragh by. On the second read I began to wonder. Who the hell is Eloise Rivers? Why does somebody suddenly care what she thinks? Why not Jane Doe from the street, or someones pet parakeet today said.....??? Where do they come up with these people and why? Is there really someone in the Toledo phone book named Eloise Rivers who said this while Del Jones got the "scoop" on it for a national news bulletin for USA today? How convienent to find her opinion to suit the program. Eloise Rivers... Now that sounds like the name of a nice little old lady.

I don't know why all of you are so worried here folks ? Eloise Rivers isn't. whoever she is???

Eloise Rivers just wants to make sure she has enough gas in her car for the Weekend. Eloise Rivers is a sane rational everyday normal model citizen. Are you? She's just a couple of gallons short of a full tank. She's not taking her money out of the bank. What are you nuts? Don't touch that money. Polley want a cracker? Yak, Yak, Yak, Don't take it out?

Just fill up your tank, early. AAAAuuuuk Don't store any gas, you moron, just fill up the tank. Don't take your damn money out of the bank.

I was at the bank today and saw lots of crazy people taking their money out of the bank. Shame on them. Eloise Rivers isn't.

What I'm wondering is: A. is the publics psyche really that vulerable to this kind of subliminal programming? B. are the Spin Doctors underestimating their intellegence?

I would bet that come Dec 31, or shortly thereafter: A. there is a whole lot of Eloise Rivers sittin' in line just a few gallons short of a full tank? and a few bucks short of a bank account..........????? B.I'm gonna check myself into a psychiatric ward.

-- robert j. (, December 21, 1999


robert, I've been thinking similar thoughts for about a month now. All these polls about how people don't think anything major is going to happen due to Y2K. WHO CARES WHAT PEOPLE THINK??? If a poll of people in southern California reveals that most don't think that "the big one" will come in the next year, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE? If the quake comes, it won't give a rats a** what they think. Y2K is like a force of nature, you can prepare or not prepare, but it doesn't give a damn what "most people think". Sheesh, we deserve whatever we get... Mark

-- Mark (, December 22, 1999.

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