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Anyone seeing a difference in store inventories? Just went to the local hardware store, and they had several large generators. Then I went to another hardware store (the first didn't have what I wanted), and they had basically nothing. No bottles, no generators, nothing. These shops are about 3 miles apart. Went to Menard's and there was a whole pile of generators. Also, sign at Menards about non-electrical heater that said, basically, that kero and propane heaters will be short supply and that the return policy was limited to 7 days. Plenty of 20 lb. propane bottles there, too. I'm in SE WI.

-- Jsyki (, December 20, 1999


I am in SE WI too, went to all the stores in town (I am in a smaller town)and they are all cleaned out. Kmart didn't have ANY lamp oil left, even tho they were stocked up the day before---water was almost gone at the grocery stores. FINALLY found a kero heater at a farm store. I am sure had I gone to Janesville or another larger town I would have been able to find more stuff. I think with this big cold snap we had today, it scared the pants off of some people. The waiting is killing me more than anything else. Found the last CO detector in town under some rubble at the store, too, so I am

-- Jess (, December 20, 1999.

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