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In our area public alerts are given on TV and Radio. What do you suppose the plan is for those hours when this equipment is normally not on? The old civil defence system is not functioning. So is it that we are to have an alert system that is applicable only when people are awake and within earshot of radio or tv?

-- John Q (, December 20, 1999


the technology is in place to ring al of the phones in a specific area at once, but they will probably use the NOA Weather/All Hazards Radio system.


-- Chuck, a night driver (, December 20, 1999.

Chuck, Never knew about the phone system. Can you explain? How could I find out if it is operational in my area? I am assuming that I would have known about this after all the research I have done! (and 10 days to go).

-- John Q (, December 20, 1999.

Chuck & JohnQ,

The new autocall phone system was a front page news story here. It's already gone through testing. This is a low population area covering a big geographical distance. Still, they emphasized evacuations!.. among other weather and criminal circumstances.

-- minnie mumwage (, December 20, 1999.

Hey, we turn our phones off a night. An emergency? Try us sometime after 10 am.

-- Mara (, December 20, 1999.

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