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There is *no* conspiracy to hide a y2k disaster.

It seems to me that there are 3 groups who hold practical power in controlling the populace, big buisiness, the government, and the press. I don't believe these groups are acting *deliberately* in concert to keep people unaware of possible y2k consequences, but are each pursuing their own intrests which at this time are basically the same, giving the appearance of a conspiracy.

Big buisiness wants to sell things, (some retailers make 70% of yearly sales before Christmas) and if people were scared about the future, they wouldn't buy which would be a disaster. The press *would* benefit to some degree by breaking a big story on possible y2k disasters, but remember that most of their revenues are paid by advertising from buisness, and not by people watching T.V. or buying papers. I think their best financial intrest at present is to take the money for ads now, and break the story on Dec. 27th after most people are done shopping. The Gov't is comprised of politicians, more imporatantly *successful* politicians, and you don't succeed in politics by upsetting the apple cart. I believe that government inaction is due to the desire to not be seen as creating a problem, and should one develop, to have someone to blame it on afterwards (we were told they were compliant, etc.)

In summary, the populace was lulled to sleep as everyone who mattered, benefitted from it.

How about after Christmas? Big Buisiness has to keep building obviously, but there's also resupply and maintenence to take care of, vacations, etc. after the Christmas buildup and won't be exerting as much pressure to keep things quiet by calling in the favor bank, besides next Christmas is a year away. With the demand for full color ads down, the press will likely have more of an incentive to run a story on y2k, and may even print something. The gov. I believe still won't do anything serious preemptively again because they might be seen as CAUSING a problem, rather than responding to someone else's problem.

After Jan. 1, if it's BITR, nothing happens :) . OTOH, if TSHTF, look for .gov to temporarily crack down in a big way if there are riots, and this will be a good thing. I would rather have the national guard mobilized than my neighborhood burned to the ground. (Remember, this is a PERSONAL opinion). Don't look for much coming out of buisiness or the press in a crisis situation. On a personal level what to do? 1st, stay where your preps are and defend you family the way you feel appropriate. This will be much safer than being out on the streets with the looters. Later, when the craziness calms down, *register* for any aid, etc. provided by .gov. If a map is drawn up of your neighborhood, and your house is the only one not listed, it might bring unwanted attention (probably paranoid, but likely true). Use your skills to help rebuild things as quickly as possible. No one benefits from living in a war zone.

On a longer term level, I don't believe the NWO types will make America a total slave state, as in order to do this you would (remember, this is still opinion) really need the cooperation of all the powers that be, namely .gov, buisiness and press. While I could see .gov going hog-wild over the idea, how will buisiness react? Not many subsistance laborers are buying SUVs or pump-up tennis shoes, and any long-term clampdown by .gov would surely be resisted by buisiness. The press is currently owned by buisiness, but could be nationalized, but I think their outcry and that of buisiness would be too severe to allow any major change in our current system of .gov.

What does worry me long term is especially if there are riots, it seems like a great time for .gov to try and take away 2nd amendment rights. And other than a few smaller buisinesses (like gun manufacturers) who's going to complain? Should this happen, everyone will need to make a personal decision on whether they wish to single themselves out from the herd to fight it or not. I will, because I hope my children will grow up in an environment that is (hopefully) better than mine, but if others choose differently, I understand.

I guess I have to backstep a bit, because the loss of the right to bear arms really would BE the transition to a slave state, but it might not be apparent for awhile.

Anyway, if you've read all this, thanks for putting up with my rant, it was quite cathartic.

God Bless,


-- Someone (ChimingIn@twocents.com), December 20, 1999


(((I guess I have to backstep a bit, because the loss of the right to bear arms really would BE the transition to a slave state)))

We cannot "lose" a right guarenteed to us by the constitution, however, those with a slave mentality could buckle under government pressure and give their weapons up. Fortunately, there are still millions of hard-nosed patriots out there who won't, and therein lies the problem for TPTB.

-- Quietly (lock and@load.com), December 20, 1999.

my soul is a wholly owned subsidiary of viacom.

-- zoobie (zoobiezoob@yahoo.com), December 20, 1999.

Anyone who feels the need to give up their guns and ammo...let me know. I can find good uses for them.

-- Satanta (EventHoriz@n.com), December 20, 1999.

The Contract

You will have a handsome house, and a state of the art entertainment system fed with a constant stream of enjoyable movies and television shows. You will have fine food and drink, as much as you can eat, whatever sort you want. You will drive a fancy car with a fancy sound system -- or you will let the car drive itself, with its built in navigation system. You will have a spouse who understands you and brings you pleasure. You will have ready access to euphoric drugs that have no ill health effects. Your medical needs, and those of your whole family, will be met whenever they arise, with the latest technology. You will have little reason to fear assault, robbery, or rape, as the numbers of such criminals will be nearly zero. Your children will all be educated, so that they too will be happy and raise families. Your security, and that of your whole family, extends seamlessly from the cradle to the grave.

You will have all of this. You will be entitled to it. You will have a right to happiness -- not a right to the pursuit of happiness, but a right to happiness itself. You will have a right to healthiness -- not a right to the riskiness of life, but a right to the surety of health.

You will work at a job you enjoy, with people whose company you enjoy, for 32 hours a week.

In exchange for the above, you will surrender your freedom. You will have no freedom of speech, nor of the press, nor the right to peaceably assemble. You will have no right to keep and bear arms. You will not be secure in your person or house from capricious searches by the authorities. You will have no right to start or run your own business, nor to be your own boss. You will be forbidden to invent or create in ways the authorities deem distruptive, and you will be forbidden to bear more or less children than has been authorized.

If half of your countrymen enter this contract before you do, you will be automatically entered into it yourself.

If your entitlements do not bring you happiness, you will be institutionalized in order best to bring you and your family happiness, and if this too fails, you will be mercifully euthanized. If you use your property to exercise the rights and freedoms you have surrendered, or that your countrymen have surrendered on your behalf, you will be relieved of that property. If you persist in excercising the rights and freedoms you have surrendered, it can only be because you are unhappy, so you will be institutionalized in order best to bring you and your family happiness. If this fails, you will be mercifully euthanized.

This offer for a limited time only. Act now, operators are standing by.

-- Cherokee (Cherokee@qtmail.com), December 20, 1999.

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