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Hello and HELP! I've recently been trying to push video's out to my tv using s-video and the video seems to be skewed slightly to the right horizontally in chunks...not all of the video just certain areas. When I right click on in the window, the skew goes away but then theres a menu in the way. It only happens with Windows Media Player. I've tried Xing, but it leaves a little pink line on the left hand side of the screen while playing in full screen mode. I've got a P2 333, 96mb SDRAM, Voodoo3 3000 AGP, and it's worked in the past, I can't figure out whats causing it! It did it before, but somehow fixed itself! Damn computers! If anyone has a clue, please email me or reply to this post! Thanks in advance!

-- Confused (, December 19, 1999

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