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I recently bought a used zone VI cold light for my Omega D-2. It is an older light (aluminum finish) and when I put it in the enlarger, I can clearly see the pattern of the light tube projected onto the easel. The light has a diffuser attached but maybe it needs another? Any ideas? I'm sure that if I tried to print with it the pattern of the light tube would be discernible in the print. Has anyone experienced similar problems and developed a solution?

Thanks in advance, Mark

-- Mark DeMulder (, December 19, 1999


My Zone VI works fine on my Omega D-2. Is there anything between the light head and the top of the negative carrier? I mounted mine by taking the condenser out and dropping the cold-light head right in. It fits fine and the bottom of the head [actually the diffuser]sits right down on the negative carrier when lowered. Thus no pattern. Sounds like its just your setup.

-- Alec (, December 19, 1999.

I suspect you can see the light pattern through the diffuser when it isn't mounted on the enlarger. You might want to check with Aristo or someone to get a replacement diffuser. Is it possible that the florescent fixture is too close to the diffuser? The lights can be changed, so it's reasonable to wonder if it got repositioned. Kind of a strange problem.

-- Neil Poulsen (Neil.Poulsen@MERIX.COM), December 20, 1999.

Mark: I agree with Alec that it appears the light tubes inside the housing may have slipped down. Can you get into the light to check it? I have the same setup as yours and there is no pattern at all in mine. If you are checking it with the lens, it might be that the lens is bringing the tubes into focus, which should not happen in normal use. As Alec said, make sure there is nothing between the head and the bottom of the light. It oughta sit right on top of the negative carrier. It shouldn't be a major problem to rectify. Be careful not to scratch the diffuser if you try and take the light apart. A scratch can come into focus at small lens openings. Hope this helps. Doug

-- Doug Paramore (, December 20, 1999.

Thank you all for your help!! It turns out that rather than the light tubes slipping down, the diffuser had been pushed part way up into the housing, bringing it too close to the light tubes. I should have noticed this before. I pulled it back to where it belongs and it works just fine now. I have a new question for you. I have some light leaks around the area where the head meets the negative carrier. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what sort of material might be good to seal those leaks with (I am thinking of something that could be afixed to the bottom of the head, which would meet the negative carrier in a better seal)?

Thanks again.


-- Mark DeMulder (, December 20, 1999.

Mark: Doug here again...Light leaks around the negative carrier on the D2 are common. A couple of things can be done which will help. First, look to where the arms on the light head join the head. There are a couple of large nuts between the arm and the head. Loosen the allen screws slightly and turn the nuts to set the angle the head meets the negative carrier. do this with the head lowered. If that don't seal it enough, try going to the neighborhood homecenter and buy a roll of the black foam tape for sealing doors and put that around the head where it contacts the carrier. Get the kind with the peel off sticky back. Cut it carfully to length and apply, letting it hang over just slightly to make a seal. Works great. Doug

-- Doug Paramore (, December 20, 1999.

Mark: Yea, been there - had that problem too. I got some black velvet material, cut it in strips, attached some velcro on it, then mounted it on the head. Now, I wind that strip around the gap, which I have otherwise been unable to close entirely, and attach it to the head. No leak! Plus, it can be removed for adjustment, etc.

I also did this to my timers. Boy did that darken things up [noticed it by viewing things with, then w/o the covers].

-- Alec (, December 23, 1999.

Mark: I bought a large, wide rubberband and put it around the bottom of the D2 light housing. Half the band lies outside the housing, the other half covers the base of the housing. No leaks, and infinitely adjustable. Cheers, Ed

-- Ed Stander (, December 29, 1999.

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