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My DCS 100 (8 amp) over heated internally with 11 throtles on the Loconet in sleep mode. I do not use UP3s with external power. My dealer Mansfield Hobbies gave me a loaner and it too started to over heat internally (the heat sinks remained cool) and I do us a cooling fan but the case is air tight. If I use a UP3 with an external 12 volt power supply and cut it into the loconet so it back feeds the net the problem goes away. Do you think 11 throtles is overwhelming the DCS 100? My loconet is two legged and about 100 feet long. The smell of a DTS 100 burning is sickening and two years of pure joy with Digitrak has been compromised. Also why didn't the DCS 100 have Loconet overload protection? Because of the holidays I probably won't get the repaird unit and a Digitrak reply until January but when I do I'll report to you people what the fix was. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

-- Carl S. (shoalsrr@hotmail.com), December 19, 1999


Hi got my DCS back from Digitrax with a statement that a new mother board was installed at no charge. They did not respond to my questions so I guess I'll just hope it dosn't happen again! Maybe a letter will come from them after the holidays.


-- Carl S. (shoalsrr@hotmail.com), December 31, 1999.

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