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Greetings! I recently purchased a Kodak "Precision" 4x5 enlarger in very good condition that was well taken care of. It came with a glass-type negative carrier and a Kodak 135mm lens. The enlarger functions in all respects, and the lamphouse is marked 300 watts. Does anyone have any backround info on this unit? I paid $75 for it complete with negative carrier and lens, three 11x14 enameled metal trays, one 8x10 enameled metal tray and an adjustable 11x14 easel. Any and all info would be appreciated, as before this came along I have been restricted to 4x5 contact prints due to budget. Thanks in advance!

-- Thomas R. Young (, December 19, 1999


Sounds like you got a deal. Let us know how it prints.

-- Tony Brent (, December 19, 1999.

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