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HAL gets a new job.

-- Ron Schwarz (, December 19, 1999

Answers much for "innocent till proven guilty".

Yep, someone else posted comparable system being tested on school kids.

Prediction: This posted technology will "prove" so successful, that we will interface it with "Digital Demon" so this new system can get your bio readings to incorporate into its data base to prognosticate your planned actions.

BTW, was it "Outer Limits" that had that computer police cruiser that would scan your image as you went down the sidewalk, and if you "matched" a wanted criminal, then it would issue the death sentence then turn you into a pile of dust? Then it would put your ashes into a jar with your id on the label?

-- Hokie (, December 19, 1999.

Hokie...sure was.

Do we have time to stop this before we hit the 'Event Horizon'? I'm going to post a link now starting another thread. Hope everyone looks, reads, thinks and send to everyone they know. Time for 'We The People' to stop this madness.

-- Satanta (, December 19, 1999.

Great, just what we need... Big Brother going around arresting innocent people because they think they were going to do something illegal.

I suppose if I go back to the same area of a store to look at an item more than once (which I often do), they will think that I'm planning on shoplifting.

I wish the sick bastards that dream up this kind of stuff would find something more constructive to do with their time and our money.

-- Hawk (flyin@high.again), December 19, 1999.


I don't mean to pick on ya brother, but this seems as deletable as Frodo's post earlier, according to your standard! (it seems) Bring up either topic in a crowded room and you are a wacko or a terrorist.Why so much trouble with one and not the other??

-- capnfun (, December 19, 1999.

This is Off Topic. Personally - and this may be only me - I get the feeling we've been getting some folks on this site lately whose main agenda is to bring down the government. This site is designed for Y2K not for people with other agendas.


-- nothing (, December 19, 1999.

You're the one who is going to be deleted... TROLL!!

-- Hawk (flyin@high.again), December 19, 1999.

Well, Gee don't have to come here ya know... Once people hit a certain point there's no reason to TALK about Y2K and surviving...Now we're talking about Reasons behind and Ramifications of Y2K.

Besides...where are you're intelligent and informative posts on Y2K? All I've seen of your input is a whining "delete this...delete that...I don't like it...." Don't just sing it...bring it.

-- Satanta (, December 19, 1999.


You are correct the subject is y2k ,but isn't the .GOV in a major way the reason we may be in such a pickle? It may not be that we would bring down the gov as the gov taking us down and based on what we all know,what chance is greater,us taking them or them taking us? My respectful opinion.No spam,no delete.

-- capnfun (, December 19, 1999.

All good points.

Like the tie-in to y2k; expressed well.


IMHO, the freedom to spout off about ridiculous BS is one of the fun things about being American, cause we can think out loud without getting shot, etc...Think about it "nothing"... If you "nothing" take the time to do a little traveling then you might be surprised how many people that live in other countries admire our moxie.

If you "nothing" want to start a list of persons matching a terrorist profile, then might I suggest you expand your reading list. Your implying that this thread consists of persons that have not risked their lives to defend your weak butt is shallow and offensive.

-- Hokie (, December 19, 1999.

More about it here (New Scientist article).

-- nobody (nbdy@nbdy.nbdy), December 20, 1999.

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