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Just wondering how does on of these new decoder cards for standard cd players "decode" video cd's, to play back on a tv set. Does anyone know how to install one of these cards, and how the wiring works....step by step would be preferred Does anybody also know where u can get a decent decoder card for this type of Malaysia (KL)...i heard that u can get them at puda market for 90 ringgit!!

Thanks Amreet

-- Amreet (, December 19, 1999


I would also like to know this and where i can get one cheap. IT HAS TO HAVE ERROR CORRECTION ETC

please e-mail ill send a free vcd to anyone that can tell me where i can get one cheap

-- dave (, December 19, 1999.

I dont know where to get it in your country, but as reference, in Indonesia you can find easily anyone who sell the card and plug it in your CD/LD player for you at your home.

The whole price it around 180.000 rupiah (less than 30 USD), just "call, wait 30 minutes and play the movie".

Before you try that idea by your self, I have a little technical information. Not all player can be modified to play VCD. If you want to make sure, there is a simple tips, Play VCD on your CD or LD player, and watch the counter.

Is the counter running ??? If it is running, there is a posibility to upgrade, but if the counter not running, be carefull, you may face the problem .....

You can do the same tips to make sure is your player can read CDR or not ! Try the VCD that burned on CDR.....

-- A A Arman (, December 19, 1999.

AAAArman, is there any way for us in America to buy those cards over the internet from Indonesia.

Please e-mail me or post your message so others will know.


-- Paul Mac (, July 06, 2000.

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