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I live near the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant(within 15 mile radius). I had been worried about the plant and what will happen when the clock rolls over. A co-worker of mine told me yesterday that her father had been working there for years and had recently retired. He was called back last year to help fix the Y2K problem. Her dad is absolutely confident that they have any problems with the plant fixed and ready for y2k rollover. He and his entire family live within 10 miles of the plant, and he is not the slightest bit concerned with their safety. Just thought i'd share this with any fellow worriers about San Onofre. It's a small comfort to me =0) Peace

-- Cin (, December 18, 1999


Some 40 miles easterly here Cin. With the prevailing westerlies (tho you wouldn't know it this week) San Onofre has been on my mind too. Thought it was being shut down for rollover. Can anyone confirm?

-- Carlos (, December 18, 1999.

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