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First, thanks in advance for your help. I'm relatively new to these techniques but am having fun with them. In reference to Kathleen Carr's book on Polaroid Transfers I tried using Knox gel as described in the book with wonderful results using hot press papers. However, I had very poor results with cold press. I had small bubbles on the image surface that I could not get rid of .... many of which broke further resulting in a spotty....poor quality image. I haven't had any good results yet with cold press papers. Any suggestions. Thanks again Rick

-- Rick Hood (, December 18, 1999


Dear Rick, cold press papers can be more of a challange, particularly with formats below 8x10. The more pebbly surface of cold press creates more "hills and valleys" for the dye to penetrate. Try leaving the paper wetter when you squeegee it, and be a little more forceful when rolling on the negative.


-- John Reuter (, May 16, 2000.

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