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I recently started image transfer, and after a couple boxes of "wasted film" I walked away and haven't gone back yet!

Even with the Daylab Jr. set at the lightest exposure, the result was dark and murky with a lot of muddy gunk ozzing out at the edges. When the prints were dry the edges were all fuzzy...like they were too wet.

I am doing everything according to the book, so I don't know where to start to improve my prints. Is it paper, water, ph balance????

Any advice to get me inspired again would be greatly appreciated. I don't have the heart (or money) to make any more disasters......

-- Jeanne Apelseth (apelseth@robin.no), December 18, 1999


Can you make correctly exposed standard Polaroid prints with your Daylab printer? This should be checked before attempting to make any transfers. You can always use these prints for emulsion transfers later.

"...like they were too wet." Maybe, there are. Your watercolor paper shouldn't be too wet. I am using blotting paper and roller to remove extra water.

-- Marek Uliasz (uliasz@frii.com), December 18, 1999.

I am relatively new to this also but having wonderful results. I've used Kathleen Carr's book on Polaroid Transfers as my reference. It's well organized and pretty complete with great ideas on troubleshooting.

I had similar problems as you describe in the beginning. I adjusted the exposure time ....and adjusted the time of paper contact. Also.... some of her hints using gel worked great.....but, this will do you some good after getting the right exposure.

-- Rick Hood (rickh11@aol.com), December 18, 1999.

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