Wisconsin's "Command Center" is ready to rock!

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State prepares for Y2K bug MADISON, Dec. 17  There are only 14 days left until the year 2000. And many people are worried about the Y2K bug. But state leaders said theyre prepared. The state has set up its Y2K emergency command center at the Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs.

THE COMMAND CENTER WILL have a direct line set up with nuclear power plants that affect the state. The National Guard and government leaders will man the operations and react to problems.

And the governor will split his time between there and a millennium ball in the Capitol rotunda.

Northwestern Mutual Life said its also prepared for possible Y2K problems. The company has a huge backup generator in place, just in case theres a blackout.

Wisconsin Electric Power Company said its tested all of its systems, also, so its not anticipating any service interruptions.

-- Steve (hartsman@ticon.net), December 18, 1999

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