Time to go to the library.

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I went to the library today and checked out several "how-to" books that I hope never to read. All stuff that will be useful to know in case of serious infrastructure problems. The books are due back January 7th, and I've never turned a book in late yet. But should the more dire predictions come to pass that will be moot.

I never figured buying books on these subjects made sense, as I am not interested in becoming more self-sufficient unless absolutely necessary. I expect the chance of my needing the information in these books to be less than 1%, but "less than 1%" isn't the same as "impossible".

If your home library isn't complete yet, you ought to consider a trip to the public library.

-- Gus (y2kk@usa.net), December 17, 1999


Great idea off to town in the morning. Thanks

-- Daryll (twincrk@hotmail.com), December 18, 1999.

Adopting dommer mentality for this post... :^)

If TSHTF hard, the how-to books would potentially benefit more people if they were on the shelves at the library. I am assuming the library will not burn or otherwise be destroyed.

OTOH, you could be performing a service, if the library were to meet an untimely demise.

This is a tough call. Perhaps a self-examination of motives - altruism or selfishness - is in order.

Best Wishes,

-- Bingo1 (howe9@pop.shentel.net), December 18, 1999.

That first line should read "doomer", not "dommer". Lo siento.

-- Bingo1 (howe9@pop.shentel.net), December 18, 1999.

If the library is open on the 7th then the books will be there. In any scenario involving open libraries I won't be needing the books.

-- Gus (y2kk@usa.net), December 18, 1999.

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