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hi, i am Art school student in New York. my professor just told me that i amn't going to learn anything from school any more. therefore, i want to change school. does anyone has any suggestion about photograper training school or commerical photography school? i will really like to learn Advertising photography....


-- jeff liao (, December 17, 1999



An interesting question. For commercial work you may want to try Brooks, RISD (Rhode Island School of Design), Columbia College (downtown Chicago), or RIT (Rodchester Institute of Technology). All four of these schools are renouned for their commercial programs. I'm a little concerned about the comment your professor made.........there is always something more to learn, even if you end up doing it on your own without his/her guidence. You still have access to the facilities, correct? As long as you have a darkroom and a lighting studio, you're all set. You also might want to try getting a job as an assistant to any local commercial photographer (just make sure you get paid for it!!!!) This is a great way to learn about the field, and provides valuable experience for the future. Good luck.

-- Adam D. DeKraker (, December 19, 1999.

Since you're in NYC, please check out the International Center of Photography,

-- grasshopper (, December 21, 1999.

Dear Jeff,

Why does your professor think you won't learn anything from the school? You should consider all possible options.

I found that it wasn't necesarly the art school that I needed to choose, but it was the photography teacher that made all the difference in my development as a photographer and artist.

Finding the right mentor is crutial to one's growth.

Regards Leonard

-- Leonard Metcalf (, December 24, 1999.

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