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This was an e-mail that all employees in the Treasury Board Secretariat (Government of Canada) received regarding Y2K contingency planning.

It's amazing while individuals are told to do virtually nothing in preparation, governments are operating in a contingency planning mode.

December 17, 1999

As you know, the transition to the year 2000 will present all sectors of the government with unprecedented and unique challenges. Every department, including the Treasury Board Secretariat, has been planning to respond to any disruptions caused by the Y2K computer bug. Although we are Y2K-compliant, we could be affected by unforeseeable circumstances. Here is what you should expect and what you should do if a crisis develops.

Creation of a Crisis Response Team

A crisis response team (CRT) has been set up with key members responsible for critical activities within the branches and sectors. The CRT team has two main functions: a monitoring and response function in which it liaises with the National Contingency Planning Group (NCPG) and the Department of National Defence; and a communications function in which it liaises with the Y2K Office under the direction of Guy McKenzie.

Core groups, reporting to a CRT member, have been established throughout the Secretariat. These groups will operate on a 24-hour-a-day basis during the Y2K transition period from December 29 to January 7, or longer if needed. Some members will work extended hours on site, while others will be on standby; a small number will be working overnight December 31 and January 1.

At this time we do not anticipate any major problems. Therefore you are expected to report to work as usual on January 4, 2000. If circumstances should change during the transition period, however, those not part of the core groups will be informed to report or not to report to work through local media - newspapers, radio and television stations. (Advisory notices will be sent to these media so that they may broadcast information.)

Street Closures

The National Capital Commission (NCC) will be closing some roads on December 31 around Parliament Hill, Major Hills Park and the Market area. The street closure map can be found on the National Capital Commissions Web site

Arrangements are being made by the CRT for the designated key personnel in order to move freely during this period.

Access to LEsplanade Buildings

During the period from close of business on 31 December 1999 through to our return to work on 4 January 2000, we ask that employees who have not been designated as essential refrain from coming into our offices at LEsplanade Laurier, 400 Cooper and 275 Slater. In addition, please keep remote access to the departmental network to a minimum.

Delivery of Pay Cheques during Disruption Period

Should there be any problems that will result in the closing of the Esplanade buildings (and those located on Cooper and Slater Streets), on the governments work resumption day, January 4, which could extend for a period of time, direct pay deposits will be made to financial institutions. Employees who have direct deposits have no problems. Employees who still have their pay cheques printed will have to take certain measures to alleviate this inconvenience until normal working conditions have been resumed. All employees (including casuals) will be paid during the period. Employees on scheduled vacation leave during the disruption will not be reimbursed for the day(s) the building is declared closed.

Temporary help personnel contracted through agencies are employees of the temporary help agencies and are paid by the agency. Personnel service contracts with individuals or companies) will have to be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Care Costs of Dependents

Designated employees who require dependent care support and who are required to work outside their normal regular working hours, during the Y2K transition period, will be able to claim $ 75 per each shift. In order to claim this reimbursement, the employees will have to complete a certification notice as per the attached Principles and Definitions Annex.

signed by the Secretary of the Treasury Board (basically a deputy minister)

-- JP2K (, December 17, 1999

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