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Anybody here planning on being in Vegas for New years?

Or partying in Seattle?

Sitting at home with the kids looks real attractive this year....

-- C (, December 17, 1999


Shark Tank: Or maybe they're just worried about a sudden outbreak of Comdex, By Sharky

Cops are the ultimate realists. And the Las Vegas cops are buying up gas masks for Y2K. This one Army-Navy store alone has sold maybe 500 to the local gendarmerie. "They said they're using them for New Year's Eve," salesman David Madison told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Asked if he personally plans to hit the Strip on New Year's Eve, Madison said: "Are you kidding?"

In the past couple years, Las Vegas has tried to respin itself as a big family vacation place. Disney World with craps. So the LVPD is downplaying the gas masks. But get this: The local TV stations covering the New Year's bash are thinking about getting bulletproof vests for their camera crews. And the Las Vegas fire department, along with security guys from Circus Circus, ran through a fake terrorist attack -- complete with bombs going off and an employee bus catching fire.

Makes New Year's Eve in a snug little data center look like a pretty good deal after all, huh?

-- no streets (safe@roll.over), December 17, 1999.

We have sold more gas masks to individuals, police units, civilian DOD employees, hospitals, etc. in the past 2 months than normal. Five (5) times normal.

One trend I see is more police units buying NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical) filters instead of the CN/CS (tear gas,pepper spray) filters that they always purchased before.

I am not surprised, just take note...

-- Mark (, December 18, 1999.

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