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Sysop, please add link from Westergaards site for today's letter to President Clinton from the Northern VA Y2K group.

I sent my first ever e-mail to the White House today and attached a copy of the above letter asking the president to use his power to lessen the threat to water supplies and leakage from toxic sites.

Received an interesting auto response from the WhiteHouse. Apparently the President receives about 6000 letters a day by e-mail (2.8 million per year). That is a relatively small amount to track and use to gauge public sentiment from the wired literati.

Take a look at the letter, and if you agree with its tone, send a quick e-mail adding your voice. Fourteen days is still 14 days.

-- Nancy (, December 17, 1999



Look at your calender, my dear....

IT'S TOOO LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- PJC (, December 17, 1999.

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