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Just browsing, in a rush before work, and sensing the "auld lang syne," tone in the posts. Must say I'm sorry that I found this site so late, and now, with the school break coming up and my roommate leaving & taking his computer, my access to this bb will be very limited (plus I'll be taking care of my 6yr old during winter break).

Good stuff here. Good hearts, good minds. Good stuff that will help insure the rise of our communities out of ashes. When I started speaking in public in Aug 98, about Y2K, I was very optimistic, because I knew (and know) how much creativity and know-how is in the U.S. And how much good spirit. It may be that our know-how, creativity, and good spirit will meet ultimate tests. I feel certain that many of us will suffer and I certainly dread that, for myself, for those I love, and for all my neighbors, close and far.

If you're interested, go to my website and click on "Transformations," the "gnostic essays." I've put my deepest beliefs in there, in the form of personal learning experience, and some of you may find it helpful, or reassuring, or interesting.

Since I won't have a computer to glue myself to, most of the remaining time will be spent playing with my daughter, doing last minute things, and taking the time to listen to music I love (Coltrane, Bach), to be silent, to pray, and to do that which will help me bring more laughter, joy, and love into my Y2K-stressed home.

Best wishes for you all.

-- johno (, December 17, 1999


Be well. Create community wherever you find yourself.

Happy holidaze.


P.S. your local library may have computers with access to the internet... and a children's book section.


-- Diane J. Squire (, December 17, 1999.

Peace John,

Lighten up on the stress factors if you can.
A 6 year old can pick up on the vibes.

Thanks for your input and care in this forum.

-- spider (, December 17, 1999.


Reading your post really touched me. Your daughter's very lucky to have a caring dad like you. I don't recall seeing your posts (I'm kind of new here myself), but you sound like someone I wish I could have known.

Take care of that family for me,

-- eve (, December 17, 1999.

Try the public library to obtain interim internet access...ours allows access to the internet for an hour/day (at each branch...and we have a lot of branches!).

Best of luck!

And many, many of us will be praying even more than usual...

-- Mad Monk (, December 17, 1999.

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