did i miss your acceptance to Belmont? or new job?

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i'd swear you skipped some things between Thanksgiving and pre-Christmas

-- espy (culp3@iwon.com), December 17, 1999


I probably did skip a lot of things, just because a lack of updating makes me forget what I have written and what I haven't. I'm sorry about that.

Anyway, no - I have not found a new job (yet). My current company has decided that I can work in their Nashville office (I think I may have mentioned this in a past entry; if I didn't I am a HUGE loser), and they wanted me there as of the first of December. I told them that this wasn't possible, as my lease is through February, but that I can leave for Nashville in the beginning of January provided I got accepted to Belmont.

As far as Belmont . . . I have not received the official acceptance letter. However, I went by the school while I was in Nashville last week to speak with the director of the school of performing arts. When I asked the receptionist for her, I heard her (the director, that is) call out that she was in a meeting, and to take a message. When I gave the receptionist my name, however, the director rushed out of her office and told the receptionist to postpone the meeting because she just *had* to see me. In speaking with her and the admissions dept., I was told that my high school GPA and the recommendations I have received show that I am definitely Belmont quality, or something like that.

In other words, I have a good GPA and my grandfather used to be a professor there. My grandfather started a scholarship there; he donates generously to the school; both my dad and my aunt went there . . . I think Belmont would be afraid to lose the support of my grandfather if they didn't accept me. So, even though it isn't yet official (they'd better get on it, I've got three weeks until school starts), I am 99% sure I'm accepted. As long as nothing crazy happens, things should be okay.

The sad part is that I'm starting to have some major second thoughts about going . . . .

(God, I should have just written another journal entry!)

-- Chyna (chyna@attackmonkey.com), December 17, 1999.

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