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Hi all, Just got a call from a small 10-family homeless shelter - small motel converted into rooms for 10 families who are homeless to help them get back on their feet. Somehow we missed them in our thoughts about those vulnerable in the county (I didn't realize they were there nor did others). I'm first going to meet with the administrator and see what is there to work with - how they can have alternative cooking to electric stove; what about heat (maybe can get by if very insulated and lots of clothes and blankets; alternative light that is safe with children; water source (although this small cities water should be ok - is gravity fed and can be treated manually); etc.

They wanted me first to speak to the homeless people there on 12/23. I said, first I needed to meet with the administration and see what they could do. What on earth are people in that situation going to be able to do to prepare. They do have to get their own food anyway and cook in group kitchen (all electric - yippeee). They get food from food bank, food stamps, etc.

Any cost-effective tips you can give me in advising the residents themselves who live in a motel room with 1-5 children???? Most have no jobs or basic minimum wage.

We do have one other option - a different church sponsors each room - I suggested they appeal to the churches for help as back-up for each of the families and to talk to them NOW. No one at the churches even checked on how they could help at this point in time. ARGGGGGHHHH.

Sheri, West Nevada County (Calif) Y2K Prep Network

-- Sheri (, December 16, 1999


This is why I have been filling water bottles for the past six months. I have a manual pump well, as well (:) as an electric motor pump well. Anyone needs my bottled water, they are welcome to it. I will deliver, if I have gasoline. Will they mind, the cherished water is contained in Liqquer bottles, since this is the only way I have been able to endure this ordeal, while being called a "psycho" for every preparation I made?

-- Humans with a Fight (, December 16, 1999.

What are the local social services people doing in the way of any useful response? If they are dropping the ball with this, is there anything else in the way of public shelters? I'd go for the churches if that doesn't get anywhere, see if they can each pledge to take in a family.

-- Firemouse (, December 16, 1999.

You might see if you can find someone with an extra camp stove (propane or white gas) that they don't need if TEITRAH. That could give them food preparation capability. There is no panic yet, so some preps might still be purchasable ( IS an object)...mostly basics, like flour, sugar, corn meal, dried milk, etc. Cloth diapers, baby formula, etc.

-- Mad Monk (, December 16, 1999.

Maybe look at chafing pots: $1 each in a tray of 12 at Sam's Club & rated for 6 hours each.

-- Mikey2 (, December 16, 1999.


I am a former health worker with an urban "neighborhood" ministry.

If I were asked to address this situation I would approach it like this--

Do any of the residents have health issues requiring perscription medication, equipment, therapy, lab visits, special dietary needs (infants on formula)...etc? Address those issues now.

Secure water storage containers for 1 gal. per person per day for at least two weeks. Begin now. This situation sounds like it has a lot of people to cover.

A propane or white gas camp stove for all to share for cooking is a low cost excellent idea. Ask a few of the more responsible adults to opereate the stove as needed. (This sould not be used as a heat source.)

They should consider canned food (soups, stews, ravioli, chilli etc...) that takes a minimum of fuel to heat or can be eaten directly out of the can.

Every room should have at least one flash light. Should a prolonged power outage occur perhaps families could double-up in a room that contains a larger battery lantern. (I would not recommend oil lamps or any fuel based lamp due to the accident potential with children and crowded conditions.)

How cold does it get in West Nevada County? Perhaps one or two rooms could obtain a fuel based heater where those who are sick or small children could spend some time? They should not attempt this unless there is a reponsible adult to operate the heater, a battery operated carbon monoxide detector in the room (s) and adequate ventilation. Talk with the management about draining the pipes in the event a cold snap threatens to freeze the pipes. It would be a sad situation to suffer through y2k disruptions, but then loose your temporary home because the place is uninhabitable due to plumbing damage.

Asking the sponsor churches to provide emergency related items is an excellent idea. All they can do is ask...the worse that can happen is that one or more of the churches say "No." I would go as far as to make an appeal that any y2k aware church family agree to take-in a homeless unprepared family.

Good Luck!

-- former health worker (, December 17, 1999.

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