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Solve the Y2K crisis in this fast and furious arcade game. It features three levels of difficulty and a demo mode in which you can watch the computer play. Travel through the months of 1999 while trying to fix all of the bugs that appear. To win, you must not let any millennium bugs escape.

Millennium Bugs is the ultimate test for your reflexes and keyboarding skills. You control a cubicle, a personal control center for the Y2K crisis. Once the game starts, you'll begin to see red, green, blue, and yellow bugs.

Help solve the Y2K problem by downloading this four-smiley program.

Using an arrow, which are controlled by the arrow keys, you maneuver around the cubicle and slam the bugs with the space bar. To fix a bug, the arrow must be the same color as the target bug. Further, whenever your arrow strikes a colored bug, the arrow switches to that color.

Millennium Bugs has three levels of difficulty. As you progress through these levels, you'll encounter more bugs at faster rates. This is classic shareware, meaning that there are no restrictions or time limits. The game is a modest $5, and is one of the more addicting puzzlers you can find.

Requires Windows 95/98/NT. Shareware. Try before you buy. If you decide to keep it, registration is just $5.


Just passin' it along... It's all fun 'n games from here on...

-- Steve (, December 16, 1999

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