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Well, maybe there are a few less DGI's than I thought:

Today, my mother stopped at the Meijer's store just north of Worthington. At the checkout a lady ahead of my mom asked the bagger (direct quote here) "...if other people were also stocking up for Y2K..." The bagger replied that "Yes, he had seen other people stocking up, though it was completely obvious, just a few items at a time, but yes, there was definitely stockpiling going on..." (Unfortunately, that's when my mother piped up and started talking about our preps. *Sigh* It's so hard to train mothers these days... ;-) )

Also, after my mom brought up the checkout incident, my brother told me about what he had heard at work (this same Meijer's store that my mother stopped at). My brother said that his Meijer's store is donating ~150 - 225 3lb hams to local homeless shelters and that another Central Ohio Meijers had already done this same thing. What's so interesting is that Meijers hasn't done this large of a donation before, or at least during the past four years.

-- Deb M. (, December 16, 1999


We live slightly south of you, Deb, but the "Northern" Meijer is my preferred Meijer. Here's some food for thought: back last September, the Meijer in Marion (45 mi. north of Columbus for non-OH readers) was the first Meijer in the area to pile two pallets of kerosene heaters on an end cap, as well as some leaflets about Y2K. I've been noticing throughout the fall that the farther north one seems to get from Columbus, the more concern there is about Y2K problems. Whether that's because these are more rural areas or for other reasons, I don't know, but even now, in December, the Marion Meijer has a lot more Y2K supplies in stock -- and in prime buying positions, as well.

I just think that's interesting...

-- (, December 16, 1999.

For central Ohioans, Meijers has frequently had 5 for 2.00 specials on canned veggies, haven't seen this matched anywhere else. Making purchases in cash with small lots. Supposedly it is rumoured that the shelters have been told to prepare for an increased amount of need and to stock accordingly.

-- Squid (, December 16, 1999.


.....I've been finding Del Monte veggies at three cans for $.99 all summer long off and on. Been buying three cases at a time every time I found them. No more room without risking them freezing.

-- Patrick (, December 16, 1999.


Sounds like I might want to take a stroll up Rt. 23 in the next few days... Thank you for the info. (Btw, you might want to go just a little north of Marion to the flea market, you can get great deals on tarps and tools there. It's a shame that Kingman closed this year, otherwise it would make a MUCH closer shopping trip.)

I think that people living outside of Columbus know they'll be low on the totem pole if TSHTF, IMHO.

-- Deb M. (, December 16, 1999.

Do you think it has to do with cold weather? Here in East Central Florida no stores advertise for Y2K stocking up. There are lots of canned goods, camping supplies, etc. No shortages yet that I have seen. Perhaps the colder the weather gets in an area the more people know to stock up. I have family in NC, VA and NY who are all preparing. My husband's family here in Florida couldn't care less. I finally got my grown kids to listen to me about stocking up and being ready and they are saying - well, where is the rush - why aren't people buying - they are only Christmas Shopping.

-- Lornna Mitchell (, December 16, 1999.

I don't really think it's the weather. Because here in Texas it's plenty warm but the grocery store has gasoline cans covering the entire top of the ice cream freezer aisle. They never carried gas cans before. They are selling lots of 20# bags of fresh carrots; never carried that large bag before. I could go on. Lots of prepping going on here, I'm sure of it.

-- mommacarestx (, December 16, 1999.

Some stores have had small signs which say to stock up for Y2K next to prep items. Extra water, rice, etc.

-- Mad Monk (, December 16, 1999.

**Perhaps the colder the weather gets in an area the more people know to stock up.

For you sunbelt residents, yes, we are encouraged to stock our pantrys. Last New Year's Day, we were hit with the same snow storm that closed Chicago O'Hare, and you know things are horrible when they shut down because of snow! I've seen their plows -- two of them together could clear a three-lane freeway in one pass.

Deb M. (and Central Ohio folk) -- Know the northern flea markets well! But since they're closed for the winter, I did most of my Christmas shopping down at the Jeffersonville outlet stores (Washington Court House, right off I-71, about 40 minutes from downtown Columbus). Did you know there's an outlet store down there that sells 100% wool blankets at reasonable cost? It's called Richwool, or something like that. They had Hudson Bay, as well as some two companies I didn't recognize -- that's closer than the mill outside of Berlin (Amish Country). I didn't know it was there until my last trip.


-- (, December 17, 1999.


Thanks! Hee,hee - it's PAYDAY for me! Maybe I'll head down I-71 and see what's what, as I can always use another wool blanket...

Thanks again L.B.!

-- Deb M. (, December 17, 1999.

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