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Another poster emailed me that FleetBoston was putting $50 bills in ATMs for Y2K, but it was only a CBS network radio report with no source information.

Now The Wall Street Journal has presented the same information in its front page bulletin today -- 12/16/99.

The pay-per-view with the full article is at:

Business Bulletin

BANKERS' HOURS extend to New Year's Day to ease any Y2K angst.

Plans call for cash machines to be well-stocked and some banks to be open New Year's Day. One of the first to say it would be open for the holiday was Mellon Financial Corp., Pittsburgh. About 70% of its 375 offices will be open Jan. 1. Summit Bancorp, Princeton, N.J., also plans to have its branches open on New Year's Day. And Community First Bankshares, Fargo, N.D., leaves it up to each of its 160 banks to decide; so far, about 100 plan to open Jan. 1, it says.

Awareness campaigns have already provided much reassurance. Keith Jackson, president of Charter Bank, Bellevue, Wash., sent letters to or called almost all its major depositors to assure them of account accessibility. Of course, not all banks will be open to customers. For the cash-hungry, Fleet Bank, a part of FleetBoston Financial Corp., has started adding $50 bills to the $20s in some of its cash machines.

The American Bankers Association says several small community banks plan to hold New Year's Eve parties in their facilities.

-- nothere nothere (, December 16, 1999


Good Ears Dog Gone!

Not that I doubted it for a minute.

-- nothere nothere (, December 16, 1999.

Just a FYI. Mellon was all over the tube last jan,feb,& march concerning being open Jan. 1st 2000. There hasn't been a peep out of them since, that I've seen. We will see.

-- FLAME AWAY (, December 16, 1999.

I'll check the branch down the street to see if the hours are posted yet.

The holiday hours sign in my head is for Boston Chicken over Xmas. They may not post the hours for another week or so.

Earlier this month they had a rather large Y2K Ready sign up on the front door of the branch I frequent. In two weeks we'll see if they really are.

-- nothere nothere (, December 16, 1999.

Well, I've never known Banks to be open on New Years or any other legal holiday. They really must be scared. I,m getting concerned.... We are AOK, arn't we?

-- Tommy Rogers (Been there@Just a, December 16, 1999.

Good call FLAME AWAY!!!

My local branch of Mellon Bank, N.A. will be open until 5pm on Friday the 31st, but will be CLOSED on the 1st.

I will check two other branches to see what their plans are. If neither of them are open I will check with the 800 number and check back here.

-- nothere nothere (, December 17, 1999.

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