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How's your phone working?

-- Ron Schwarz (, December 16, 1999


It won't stop there. Agents with lots of time on their hands will find other things to amuse themselves. Use your imagination.

Y2Kook, I-net Spook

-- Y2Kook (, December 16, 1999.

Yes, And you don't even need to be talking ON the phone. It can be on the hook and by accessing certain features at the CO your phone becomes a listening tool, ALL without you being aware.

-- Da Kook's Nephew (Kook@my.unk), December 16, 1999.

Happened to my wife. Believe it. You can listen in to someone's house without dialing. Phones are really little ol microphones ....

-- bb (b@b.b), December 16, 1999.

Fascinating! When I worked in the jail I remember the slang term for good was "the b-mb" (heh, scared to type it after reading that! funny...) anyway, these inmates must have said that word at least a hundred times a day on the phones in the cell block. No wonder my taxes are so high, payin' all these eavesdroppers. Think I'm nosey enough to get one of those jobs? What do they make? j/k

-- Hokie (, December 16, 1999.

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