Why is Poe the father of the detective story?

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I am writing a research paper on how Poe is the father of the modern detective story. I need to know what characteristics the modern detective story has that originated with Poe. Any help would be much appreciated.

-- Anonymous, December 15, 1999


Poe is generally considered the father of the modern mystery because he was the first to tell the story backwards. The best way to get a handle of the concept is to read any Sherlock Holmes story (Arthur Conan Dolye), followed by Murders in the Rue Morgue (Poe). Doyle was heavily influenced by Poe.

-- Anonymous, December 19, 1999

The story " Murders in the Rue Morge" is considered the first detective story because it used "a posteriori" reasoning.. "a priori" means that which goes before, while " a posteriori" is the opposite.... The difference between inductive and deductive reasoning would be helpful in a paper of this nature. Read Murders int eh Rue Morge- becasue the main character Dupin uses this type of logic, and it fueled detective stories forever more.

-- Anonymous, December 30, 1999

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