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Everywhere I go I marvel at the clueless people. Shopping. SHOPPING. Buying any and everything Pokemon, 3-wheelers for 5-year olds, Nintendos, GameBoys, WWF gadgets, etc., etc., etc. Spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on all of this useless "stuff" so that SANTA can come see their children.


The old elf has been replaced at our house with the "Y2KGrinch". He truly stole Christmas (the commercial one, not the real one.) Y2KGrinch is packing a sack full of coal - well, propane actually - for all of the GOOD boys and girls. Each child is getting a Y2K box full of next years clothes and shoes that are all too big for them to wear and/or enjoy now, some of their favorite snack foods, a "get-it-and-go" backpack filled with provisions, and toilet paper, lots of toilet paper!!

My husband and I decided last year about this time that we would educate our children, 10, 8, and 5 about Y2K and let them help with the preparations. Throughout the year, we have been amazed at the ideas that they have had about "making it during Y2K". We went all out last Christmas, figuring it would be Santa's last hurrah at our house. And Santa 'bout broke the bank. But that was then. 01-01-1999, Santa morphed into the Y2KGrinch and never looked back.

My oldest son, 10, has his eye on a mean pair of two-way radios, my 8-year old daughter is begging for batteries (to listen to N Sync, heaven help all of us), and my five year old, well he is five and wants everything.

In the mall, I want to slap all of these stupid people that are spending all that money on stuff that they can't eat, drink, burn, heat, or otherwise use to sustain life.

Y2KGrinch says this -

"Twas the Night before Christmas when I strolled through our House, stuffing toilet paper, cashews, and water throughout.

Not a Pokemon, GameBoy, or CD in sight, Just can goods, fuel, and lanterns for light.

Looked to the table for my cookies and milk, but instead found jerky, TVP, and water. (trying rhyming with milk!)

I glanced around once, then once more for fun, Sighed to myself and said "I think I'm done."

-- Y2KGrinch (, December 15, 1999


"...but instead found jerky, TVP, and more of that ilk..."

-- Dennis (, December 15, 1999.

It sounds like a wonderful time for your children, being part of a family event that assures them that their parents are concerned about both their physical safety and their happiness. God bless you all. You sound like great parents.

-- Mara (, December 15, 1999.

Screamin' Demon,

Lighten up and waste your energy on someone who needs it! I appreciate your concern, but my kids have not done without, and we are not extremists - we are prepared. My children have every new fangled gadget that has hit the market, Nintendo and GameBoys included, but they also possess a knowledge of what is going on around them and know what it means to set priorities.

They also know the true meaning of Christmas and enjoy doing for others that are not as fortunate as they are.

Obviously, you missed the whole point.


-- Y2KGrinch (, December 15, 1999.

You might think about getting each of your children a few toys. If Y2K is really bad, it'll be good for them to have something fun to do, plus it will help their state of mind and your peace of mind.

-- cody (, December 15, 1999.

I'm looking at some additional gifts for the crystal radios from Radio Shack for the older ones and simple (e.g., non-electric) things for the younger ones. I may also do some "baking kits" consisting of a baking pan and cake mix, cookie mix, etc.

-- Mad Monk (, December 15, 1999.


Our kids have put together, and even come up with a few of their own, games and activities to entertain themselves should the lights go out. They have had an entire year to make their selections, and yes a few of them are under the tree....

-- Y2KGrinch (, December 15, 1999.

Isn't the dichotomy between what may happen and what is happening in the Mall surreal? A few thoughts on long lasting, inexpensive Santa gifts for all ages: 1. Jigsaw puzzels--I know they sound hoky but everytime we put up the card table and get one out the entire family and guests who drift through have lots of fun with them. Once set out, they're irresistable. 2. Double decks of cards and a paperback edition of Hoyle's Rules of Games. We have taught ourselves Bridge, Backgammon & Rummy etc. from this. Made our own backgammon board from a piece of paper and checkers. 3. Have a funny story about the Hoyle's Book of Rules. Early on when my husband and I were dating when it got near Valentine's Day he asked what I would like. I said books and candy would be nice. I envisioned a heart shaped box with lace trim and books of poetry. My husband is an engineer. I recieved a square box of chocolates because "they hold a lot more chocolates" AND two books--one was Hoyle's Book of Games and the other was How to Improve Your Bowling. I have never let him live it down and for the last 33 years have smiled every time I lift out the Hoyle's. Pam

-- Pamela (, December 16, 1999.

[Y2k Pro you have been banned from this forum. Find a new place to troll. Sysop]

-- feeling sorry [aka Y2k Pro] (feeling@sorryforyourkid.s), December 16, 1999.

Feeling Sorry,

Like I said before, save your energy for someone else! My kids have many things to be thankful for, and unlike many other kids who compare with the Jones in January to see whose parents spent the most money, my children share stories of the kind things they did for the people at the homeless shelter and the gifts they gave to the kids that would have had no Christmas because they are with their mothers in a battered women's shelter.

So Folks, don't fret about Y2KGrinch's children's Christmas. They are happy, excited, hopeful, SAVED, safe, and secure.

-- Y2KGrinch (, December 16, 1999.

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