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Here are the Meeting Minutes for the Downers Grove Village.

Things start off in January 1999. Here are some of the comments:

Ann then gave an overview of information regarding Y2k she received at the DuPage County Emergency Managers Meeting held in December. The information is as follows: Southern Illinois Power companies will not be ready nor will they do anything to fix Y2k problems. They stated they do not have any funds available.

Then in February everything starts to get under control as shown in the County wide Y2k Task Force - Meeting Notes. Everything here addresses the Y2K concerns of the January meeting minutes.

Now fast forward to December 9, 1999

Our current considerations of compliance all deal with vendors who have backpedaled since they said we were OK. The PW building access system is being fixed this week with a software upgrade. The traffic count system is being replaced. PD, Motorola is now saying our in-car terminals will probably be OK into the new year. ... closed the meeting at 11:10 with the general agreement "WE ARE AS READY AS WE CAN BE".

-- Paul (, December 15, 1999


What a reassuring place to herald the New What

-- :-P (bbrrr@bbrrr.bbrrr), December 15, 1999.

The village of Hinsdale (a few miles East of Downers) sent out flyers with what they are planning to do:

1) 4 Emergency communication sites spread out throughout the village (maybe a mile apart)with flashing beacon starting on December 31st 9pm.

2) 2 "roving" emergency comm sites.

3)advice to store week to 10 days of food, water.

4) Two "undisclosed" shelters but village encourages residents to stay in their own homes.

Very few GI's in town but I know many are well armed.

-- Sandwich (anon@anon.anon), December 15, 1999.

What about ComEd? NICOR gas? Cracking plants in Joliet? Lets not forget Stateville when speaking of Joliet.

-- Bill (, December 15, 1999.


I was one of the people who attended one of the DG Y2K village meetings. Me and the TWO other people who attended had a great 'ol time. What a joke.

There were 5 speakers there. One of the speakers was our Fire Chief. I suggested they add a section on how to purify drinking water to their preparedness brochure. He laughed and said "you boil it!" looking over and smirking to the others there. I asked "with what?" I said if the power was out and people needed to boil water, how were they to do that? I suggested bleach. He snapped back "I would NEVER tell ANYONE to put bleach in their drinking water!" At that point I shut up. I was not making any friends there. A banker spoke and told us the standard line, don't panic, safest place for your $ is in the bank, blah blah blah.

Police-man said they'd have extra people on that night. Mr. Wu, the village Y2K fixer was quiet and didn't speak much.

They did say that the village was installing 6 generators at their backup wells, in case the city of Chicago's water supply wasn't working. I never heard if they were installed. I asked them how many days of fuel would be stored for the gennys and nobody knew.

That's when Fire Chief warned us about storing gas. He didn't want to be putting out a bunch a garage fires, he said.

Noting the lack of a turnout, before I left, I said " if this is how many people are worried about preparing in Downer Grove, you people will have your hands full. Nobody said a thing.

Dejected, I never went back to another.

-- Dale in Downers (, December 16, 1999.

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