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On tonight's "Nightly Business Report" that is carried on many PBS stations (see NBR's web site at, a "Y2K update" segment was presented. It was stated that, today, one or more banks in Brazil were issuing incorrect accounting statements due to Y2K related difficulties. (NBR provides a transcript of each program on the next day, so tonight's episode should be on-line tomorrow.)

So far, I can't seem to find any other reference to this. However, I wanted to provide a "first alert" on what might be a big wake-up call to a lot of Don't Get Its.

16 days.

-- Jack (jsprat@eld.~net), December 15, 1999


Very soon now.

Listen: its coming.

God have mercy on the human race.

-- (@ .), December 15, 1999.

The transcript for today's "Nightly Business Report" show is now available. The segment is entitled "12/15/1999: Where Shouldn't You Be On Y2K?":


The statements in question were made by Joshua Hallford, Y2K Reporter, Bridgenews:

...[Y2K] problems are even beginning to occur even in
this country [U.S.A.] and in countries that we thought
were ready.  For example, Brazilian banks issued
incorrect statements just today....

Still no mention of Y2K related banking problems in the on-line news for Brazil, according to a poster on the Gold Forum at, who could only find a news report of a bank tellers strike that recently cripled two Brazilian banks.

Perhaps more info will be forthcoming....

15 days.

-- Jack (jsprat@eld.~net), December 15, 1999.

I remember a report on Y2K from that clown Joshua Hallford on the Nightly Business Report about nine months ago. He said everything was A-OK at that time. He mentioned what he thought was a particularly clever fix that the U.S. Army used at Fort Benning. They set all of their computer clocks back 28 year to 1971.

I wonder whether the U.S. military will begin bombing Hanoi again when their computers start telling them that the Vietnam War is still taking place?

-- Mr. Adequate (, December 16, 1999.

Hey, Adequate, I thought you were going to say they'd start bombing Cambodia **again**. LOL. I had my answer ready for you: "We never bombed Cambodia the first time around!"

Hardy, har, har, har, and Uncle Ho was just a wimpy commie.

-- paul leblanc (, December 16, 1999.

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