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January 1, 2000 - South Sound Speedway, Rochester WA (Exit 88A on Interstate 5 - just north of Centralia)

Your humble correspondent will be driving in the "Snowflake Enduro" stock car race on the first day of the new year.

Add to that, I have requested and received confirmation that my car "number" for this race (and the whole '00 season) guessed it: Y2K

I plan on getting some styrofoam hemispheres and other craft materials and making the car up to resemble a "Y2K Bug." (It's a Camaro).

So, if you have no plans for Jan. 1, come on out and root for the TBY2K team at South Sound Speedway!

This is completely serious, if a bit irreverent. This race really exists and I will be driving with this number. Go check out if you feel you need extra evidence.



-- Jeff Zurschmeide (, December 15, 1999



A Camaro! **drool** What year?

Good luck!

-- Cherri (, December 15, 1999.

LOL, Jeff, you found a funny way to race around :-)

Yourdynamites, we have met Jeff up close and in person, and he is *gasp* a fairly normal family man, a Polly prepped much better than many Doomers, a Polly with a farm.

We'd cheer you on, but, um, uh, we think we'll be hibernating around that time.

Have fun with your bugorama!

[ the colorful types tend to congregate in Cascadia ;-]

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, December 15, 1999.

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